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The Red Potty Chair by Potty Patty will make potty training your toddler girl easier for you and her! This is a novel fashionable pedestal pan for children, produced with highquality plastic, it has a backrest at sides, the edge is so smooth that it will not cause damage to the skin, so as to provide your child extra comfort. Get your stickers, rhinestones, markers and whatever other craft supplies you have and make this red potty chair by potty patty really your little girls.

Personalized potty chairs are becoming increasing popular because by adding their names, kids feel more like that potty chair is their own and are more likely to go potty.
The drawer type inner gallbladder may be taken out to clean alone, covering a lid keeps hygienic, It is easy to clean and dry, very convenient, sanitary and practical.
This potty chair for girls has a high, built in slash guard, high backrest, and made of durable, PVC-free recyclable plastic!

Get her involved, the more special you make it for her, the more special and important she will think it is.

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