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Refill Instructions for HP 56 +57 ink CartridgeStep 1) Put the cartridge on some paper towels or newspapers in an area where you can tolerate a spill.Step 2) Remove the label on top of the cartridge. Taste is a very light, simple and safe high chair with a polished aluminum frame and wide, stable base.
Description Item # 07061705300070Designed in Italy, Chicco's 360-degree rotating hook-on chair has an innovative seat that locks in 6 positions for happy and interactive mealtimes. With a compact fold and deluxe carry bag, the Chicco 360 is great for picnics, restaurants or the grandparents! We chose this because we have two babies and didn't want two bulky high chairs at the table.

Pros:Love this item because it eliminates the use of public high chair and passing of germs. Pros:Chair attaches securely to table, seat turns 360 degrees, with 6 locking positions, and the chair is very soft and comfy.
Best Uses:The best us of this product is to securely keep the baby at the table at mealtimes and other times, too. This seat has been wonderful for our 3rd child and we have definitely gotten our money's worth out of it.
Rubber grips clamps to table quickly and securely negotiating table skirts up to 5.5" thick and the yellow highlighted buttons won't leave you searching for how to adjust the chair.

My personal pet peave is there is a small channel of space where the chair can turn, food falls in there and I have to use a safety pin or toothpick to dig it out. I love that it fits our bulky wood table and our 2.5 yo fits it nicely, as well as our 7mo old.

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