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In this special section of our site we feature Puppy Apartment Reviews and Modern Puppies Reviews from PTPA customers. Koda is our newest addition to our furry family, and is an adorable little Chocolate Sable Pomeranian puppy.
I just picked up my new puppy yesterday, Cooper; he is 8 weeks old and is having huge success with his new apartment. I also have a one-year-old female of the same breed (Maltese mix) and it is all too familiar getting up in the middle of the night to take her out. When looking for ways to successfully potty train Louie and to do so asap, I came across the PTPA. As the owner of an 8-week old Dachshund named Nathan (I named him after Nathan’s franks, since he reminds me of a hotdog), I was faced with the challenge of potty training a puppy that is extremely independent and self-motivated by nature. There are many clever inventions on the market designed to minimize the stress many puppy owners face when potty training their beloved young pup, however, the PTPA is the best invention I’ve ever seen!
It allows the puppy to be potty trained in a non-labor intensive manner by way of taking advantage of the puppy’s natural instinct not to soil where he sleeps.
I was on youtube one day trying to find ways to potty train my 4-month-old Mojo who was having a hard time with crate training. What is amazing to me is that Puddles will be playing in the living room and all of a sudden make a b-line for the PTPA in order to do his business.
2.5 Gallon Capacity Portable Toilet - Gray Finish, Self-contained portable toilet for camp site, boat, RV, and more. 2.5 Gallon Capacity Portable Toilet - Beige Finish, Self-contained portable toilet for camp site, boat, RV, and more. Few things can be as frustrating to a new owner as potty training your shihtzu puppy during the first few weeks. The method of crate training your shihtzu puppy is the most successful method to get the job done thoroughly and quickly. Puppy Crate TrainingHow to Crate Train Your Puppy EffectivelyKnowing how to crate train your puppy effectively will help to resolve many of the problems that can occur during the growing up process from puppy to adult dog. The Proper Method of Puppy Crate Training and Its AdvantagesPuppy crate training is the process of teaching your pet to just accept a crate or some other type of enclosure. Puppy Potty TrainingThe Puppy Potty Training Steps Nobody Should Be WithoutHaving a new puppy in the house is almost like having a new baby in the house. Puppy Potty Training – How To Potty Train A PuppyOne of the first hings you do with a new puppy is get your new puppy potty trained. Puppy Potty Training Can Be Very RewardingPuppy potty training is perhaps the first and the most important kind of training any dog must undergo.
Puppy Training AdvicePuppy Training in Obedience – Calming high spiritsTraining your dog to chill out is not as silly as it seems.

Using a Puppy Training Book to Train Your DogUsing a puppy training book to train your dog is one path to a happier pet and owner.
Puppy Training Advice To Put The Little Rascal On The Right TrackBringing a puppy into the house includes needing to teach what is the proper way to behave.
Housebreaking Puppy Training AdviceEither you happen to be thinking about getting a puppy or you have already brought one home with you. The Potty Training Puppy Apartment from Modern Puppies has successfully potty trained over 50,000 dogs!
If you would like to see your puppy featured in our Puppy Apartment Review section, please email Modern Puppies pictures of your puppy with their PTPA and a written Modern Puppies review. Louie is a beautiful 4-month-old Bichon Frise who has brought so much joy and laughter into our lives in such a short period of time. Once I ordered the puppy apt, it arrived quickly and within the first 6 hours Louie was able to make the connection between the words "Go Potty" and the actual action. We are now able to enjoy Louie and Louie is now able to rest and be at ease in his new home. We watched the DVD explaining the training process, and we talked through what our routine would be like for this new addition to our family.
We have had Jasper for less than three weeks, and we are almost ready to move on to Level 2 of the training. The PTPA allows him to please his owner while still being able to maintain his level of independence.
We just had the regular crate where we had to let her out and use the regular plastic puppy pad that just lay on the floor. It has now been a few weeks and whenever we tell her to go potty she is able to do it on command and into the "bathroom" area (we learned how to do this from the Instructional Video that came with the Puppy Apartment). Canines, being den-dwelling animals, will see the crate or cage as its den with sufficient training. A dog that willingly lets you lift him up by his front legs, rolling over and exposing his belly is relaxed and compliant with people.
As you know, puppies go potty every 1-2 hours when they're small, and 15 minutes after they eat or drink - so it's hard for them to hold it throughout the night while we're sleeping and sleep deprivation is challenging for a human when you have to work the next day! The PTPA allowed me to teach Louie using the simple methods demonstrated in the puppy training DVD we received when purchasing the PTPA.
I've since suggested the PTPA to friends who already have dogs and friends who are contemplating.
Not only does the Puppy Apartment offer an area that is safe and warm for Tucker to sleep but also a place for him to stretch and potty as well. There have been no sleepless nights and Jasper’s accidents have been extremely limited.

The Puppy Apartment is wonderful because we live on the second floor and our Vet has told us that she cannot go outside yet because she has not had all her shots.
After speaking with a Modern Puppies representative over the phone, I decided to purchase one. She or he was used to hanging out with mama and the rest of the litter for such a long time.
If you have never cared for a puppy and are considering it, the PTPA eliminates most problems that can occur from inexperienced caretakers.
We discovered the YouTube video of the Puppy Apartment, and I was willing to consider this interesting approach to puppy training.
I think it was because she did not really have any boundaries and couldn't tell the difference between the puppy pad and the actual floor. We took all three doors off so our dog Mojo would be able to go in and out of the Puppy Apartment three different ways. He woke up in the morning, I placed him in the bathroom and told him go potty, and waited a few minutes and he did! As soon as it was set up, without any encouragement he went through it and settled into his bedroom for a sit down. The Potty Training Puppy Apartment has revolutionized how modern puppies are potty trained! We got him used to sleeping in his little one bedroom, one bathroom puppy apartment, and we used the PTPA at night while we're sleeping as a training tool - - and he loves his puppy apartment.
He has been using it all day, and he goes straight to it to go potty, we have the door open so he can go in and out, he is confined to the kitchen. No need for me to wonder if my dog is destroying my home by chewing it up or pottying everywhere. I live in a large studio apartment in Manhattan and because of the set up, the PTPA is situated between my kitchen and my living room. He goes potty in the bathroom section throughout the night and when we wake up in the morning, we take him outside, and he goes potty on command in our yard!
During the day, we leave him in his PTPA Playpen area with his PTPA and he uses the bathroom section whenever he has to go potty. We're in Level 2 training now, and he's only 13 weeks old!We're so grateful to have such a great learning tool to use, while we're training our little guy. During the day when I'm not home, he has the entire kitchen and a very small area in front of the PTPA which we call his "veranda" as his living area.

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