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August 23, 2013 by Darcy of Fit Foodie Mom Leave a Comment The last 6 months led up to this moment.
Step 4: When the timer went off, I walked her to the bathroom, she picked her toilet of choice (kid potty or big potty), and she sat on it until she got bored. Step 9: When she woke up from her nap, I changed her diaper and forgot about the whole potty training thing. Listen, when my daughter was 18-months-old, I decided to start prepping her to be potty trained. His whole article discusses the ridiculous notion that parents have that they need to potty train their children early.
So, in conclusion, I’d like to suggest that we all ban against the unnatural use of toilets in our society.
No, but really, I think we can take the pressure off of ourselves to quickly get our kiddos out of diapers and into panties, boxers, or briefs.
I waited with Gabe until he was 3 and I was on maternity leave with Emma so had nothing but time. I'm a fitness professional, running coach, clean-eating connoisseur, United States Marine Corps veteran and mom of 3 awesome kids who know how to laugh at themselves (well, not the baby -- he's super serious). Sara on 10 Family Values That Will Rock Your HouseholdDarcy of Fit Foodie Mom on Kids Activities: What About Martial Arts?aurora on Kids Activities: What About Martial Arts? I do find it frustrating because he has been so adaptable and terrific at every other milestone. Nate is 3 now, so he’s headstrong and stubborn (much like his mom) and whenever I bring up the potty he says he wants to stay in nappies and that Alex should use the potty instead. I wasn’t extremely consistent, but I would put her on the potty every once in a while and talk to her about the process of going potty.

To be perfectly honest, his article scared me into wanting to wait to fully potty train Cora.
They WANT to do this for themselves one day, which will, 1) take the guess work out of it for us, 2) hopefully decrease the likelihood that they will become chronic “holders”, damaging their little bladders, and 3) take stress out of all of our lives! I’m Darcy, and I'm here to inspire you with the notion that you CAN have it all (without doing it all). Well, you’ll be happy to hear that we’re in business and Nate is truly a potty champ! I certainly don’t want to create a habit of holding in her potty, which he says is common among children, because they do not want to stop their play to do something as mundane as going potty on the toilet. Jensen in her “3 Day Potty Training” e-Book, following them as exact as is humanly (and Darcyly) possible! There were a LOT of accidents, but it is important that I was prepared for that so WHEN it happened he was not in trouble. Nate needs to feel comfortable in a new situation because he’s a bit shy and frightened of things. Unfortunately, he became very ill during our first week of potty training and was in terrible pain, reinforcing his fear of poos.
I’ve tried a lot of tricks and read a few books and blogs about potty training, but if you have any brilliant advice…bring it on! We also discussed that if she tinkles or plops in the toilet, that she’d get a Honey Stick (flavored honey).
I can’t tell you WHEN I will do this, but I can promise you that I will tell you ALLLLL about it!
We seemed to be heading down a really great road in early summer, but after our move everything has gone down hill and a month ago we put Nate back in nappies.

Around 7 months we decided we’d had enough sleepless nights and he needed to sleep in his own bed. Over these 6 months, she learned to tell me before she had to go poop, and sometimes when I put her on the toilet she would actually go. Some miracle books tell you that you can potty train children who aren’t even showing signs of being potty-training-ready yet.
So first we used the little froggy potty, then he learned to go standing up outside, then standing up at the big grown up potty.
We’ll get there though, even if it means we have some pretty horrendous laundry for the next few weeks! After a few difficult nights, he started sleeping through the night and has been brilliant at sleeping ever since. He also has eczema on his legs (that gets worse during the summer), so when he would have an accident and wee on his legs it would sting and make him cry. Today he flushed the toilet by himself (he was scared of the sound for the longest time) and can also wash his hands without any help from me. Sometimes she would just ask for a Honey Stick… that was a no-go without a tinkle or plop. I promise I will read it soon, apply the principles, and then share my experiences with you! I’m glad we stopped trying to force potty training on him and make it a negative situation.

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