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It is designed to be low to the ground to encourage the more natural squatting position for eliminating.
I wasn’t sure how to proceed on Monday.  It seemed like she was getting the idea and starting to understand her body, but was she ready?  I decided to hand the reins over to my independent daughter. With enthusiasm I took Louisa shopping for “big girl panties” and even thought about buying pull ups, as the book recommended.
The night before the big day I skimmed the book frantically making sure I had everything prepared. I still have both but have had my husband pull out the sensors as it sometimes works and sometimes not.

Some parents may be afraid to start, which is why kids are more like 4 or 5 and being trained, and others push to hard for quick success.
However, the musical wetness sensor stopped working in about 4 weeks, which defeated the whole point of getting this potty. Also, it is pretty big and there isn't a basin that lifts out to clean out the poo so you have to take the whole thing to the toilet and rinse it out. No grip on the bottom so it easily slides on a bathroom floor when my son tries to sit on it.
It is very very difficult to for a child sit on and get up from without help unless you completely remove your child's underwear.

This is compounded by the fact that the potty scoots on the floor because of the lack of rubber grips. The music sensor is right in the middle so little boys won't immediately Potty Scotty (Jan 06, 2011) Reviewer: Barbara Hyatt I don't know how this works, but it does (no batteries).

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