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Besides the awesome alliteration the news source used in the title, it’s really just gold. You thought after taco day on set you could get away with using the crew porta potty and no one would be the wiser. You almost died from lighting your own farts on fire in a Brasilian porta potty between takes and you get your people to blame it on the locals? I’ve seen a conflicting report that the fire was intentionally set by the crew to age part of the set, the heat got out of hand and melted the potty. In my mind, Rob does not fart or poop, but he DEFINITELY starts fires for the sheer fun of it. Anyway I was appalled to hear about that incident, I guess not everyone is gungho about the Twilight saga.

Little Rob has been facing a hard time, hot weather, paps, WATER, shaving, and also missing Tom Stu.
With this picture I imagined myself walking into a room then suddenly I felt electricity from his eyes.
I think you should expand on it for me, say in an “M” rated FanFic style story? I remember some threat regarding the brazilian blowout, Vidal Sasson and a toilet to flash down Rob’s career.
I thought I was the only one who had been thinking about this ever since they went to BRAZIL!!!! And if he does it smells lovely like cinnamon or vanilla and he DEFINITELY blames it on Kristen.

And that someone had to have the job of sleeve rolling…and of course, I’d volunteer!!!
So, in the post they say that because some of the Lapa Locals got annoyed at the inconvenience the filming caused them, they decided to torch a crew toliet. Think of all the money they’d make selling stuff to the Twicrazies camping out waiting for just a glimpse of the magicness! Instead of seeing the blue flame you almost passed out from the noxious flumes (hint: it smells like stale Heineken and the inside of Goodwill) but thankfully a kind old Brasilian grandma named Luisa noticed the smoke and knew EXACTLY what was going on (grandsons) and pulled you out before you were engulfed in flames.

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