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Watch potty training advice videos on starting out with your child and beginning toilet training progress. Click for potty training videos with tips and advice to help you & your child through their potty training journey. We love the night time Pull-Ups because they are more absorbent since he is in the beginning stages and still has a fair share of accidents.
I took her advice on the Fisher Price frog potty as she said it was perfect for boys to prevent leaking in the floor that we had also experienced with a boy sitting on the big potty. This made my life a little simpler since I would hate to have a poop filled training pant that I have to slide down.
Click here for our expert potty training videos for the last stage of your child's learning progress. It was so hard to choose, but my cousin runs an at home daycare and potty trains all of the children.

I decided for the day to take him to potty the same time as me so he could understand what was going on. If you have been following my blog recently, you probably know we have been trying to start potty training. He was afraid of the potty for a few minutes so I let him play with the packs of Pull Ups while I set him on it so he could have something he was comfortable with. They have everything from potty timers to alert you to take a potty break, songs, coloring pages, a potty dance, and even a potty app for your phone! Outside of the Pull-Ups, Huggies has taken it a step further to make potty training a success. I love that he can easily get the Pull Ups down and since the potty is his size he has a much better chance of sitting in time. Have your little monster take a potty break on a consistent basis to establish potty schedules and rituals using new Monsters U character training pants to make potty training more enjoyable for everyone!

Pull-Ups Training Pants are the a€?no feara€? solution for those scary feelings that come with potty training. Take the scare out of the potty training process with new Monsters U character training pants! My all time favorite has been a personal call from Mater to talk to my baby boy about potty training! We have been trying to use the big potty, but I had a tall toilet installed in my house while I was pregnant.

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