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Recently, I caught a whiff of a pungent odor emanating from a local construction site and noticed a thick green, anaconda-sized hose running from a tank on a truck emblazoned with the words “Call-A-Head” in bold gothic letters on the side. Chiming in from Memphis, I have fond memories of the old "Johnny on the Job" at childhood baseball games. There's an Australian comedic movie about the life of a man who installs and empties these facilities.
On the topic of niche local businesses with puns for names, one of my favorites here at home features a large portrait of J.S.
Hard to believe no one's mentioned the Woodstock movie, with its extensive treatment of the "Port-o-San." It's a hilarious scene. As a kid in Southern California I distinctly remember the "Dipper Dan" company, complete with a ladle graphic.
At upscale outdoor events here in South Florida, I've seen a trailer-based restroom with multiple stalls and sinks.
I was immediately reminded how indispensable portable toilets are to many walks of life, and how verbal and visual puns are copious throughout this indispensable industry. He writes the Visuals column for the New York Times Book Review, a weekly column for The Atlantic online and The Daily Heller.

I'm fairly sure a lack of an internal monologue is not the issue at stake with people diagnosed with Tourette's, having worked with many such people in my life. This otherwise amusing article is contaminated by that stupid, parenthetical speculation—patronizing, obnoxious, and unnecessary --about those poor souls (non-designers, no doubt) who lack “internal monologues.” And then, why not add those people who are sadly afflicted by disease so poorly understood by this author that he can’t even spell it? On the grounds of the property, fancy portable bathroom trailers were brought in for the guests to use.
Thanks A Latte, Common Grounds, Higher Grounds, Simmer Down, Grounds For Perfection and Roundup Alatte.
You might be thinking of Honey Bucket, which is most likely the same as the service in Portland. Manufacturers and suppliers go to great lengths to make the portable toilet experience clean and sanitary, as well as warm and cute.
Perhaps all it needs to say is that a little levity can go a long way in making such a essential product, and therefore everyday life, more pleasant.
I agree that two thirds of a pun is PU, but since these toilet names do, in fact, trigger chuckles, they do, in fact, serve a purpose. Mane Street, Clip Joint, Hair Today, etc.) for warm and cute, albeit excruciating, pun names.

And yet this is a dirty job, so why shouldn’t those who attend to our bodily hygiene have the opportunity to practice a little wit and double entendre?With this in mind, I set out to determine how widespread this branding phenomenon really is.
For the better part of a day I visited New York City’s numerous construction sites, a veritable forest of portable out-houses, copying down names and numbers. Not surprisingly I learned that Porta-Potty was the most common brand, with Call-A-Head a close second. Scattered throughout the city were the variants on John, including Sani-Jon, Porta-John (note the former spelling may be a homage to Jon Stewart), Johnny on the Spot, Johnny on the Potty, Mr.
My favorite, however, was Zack’s Shacks (which could also be misidentified as a chain of roadside eateries).I wondered who came up with these puns – was it people who lacked internal monologues (terets sufferers, perhaps) or professional copywriters? After an unsuccessful attempt was made to contact an official at the Porta-Potty company, I admit I did not pursue the quest. I did, however, find that there were other people (an online user-group, of sorts) who had been collecting novel names unique to other regions, which are listed below for your edification in no particular order: Happy Can Portable Toilets, Atlanta, Ga.

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