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Airstream is the original inventor of the recreational vehicle (RV) and is a brand well known around the world. Yesterday I showed you all the before and after shots of the Airstream, well, today I want to show you a few glamour shots. Although the kitchen is small, I’ve managed to squeeze out some killer meals in there.
This entry was posted in Airstream, home and tagged after, airstream, budget, home, house, land yacht, living in an airstream, living in an airstream full time, living in an airstream to save money, remodel, renovation, sovereign, tiny on August 7, 2014 by melanie. I read the bathroom remodel on your site but couldn’t figure out the plumbing completely.

We live in the Airstream full-time, so not only did I want the Airstream remodel to be functional, but I also wanted it to feel warm and cozy. One of my favorite things to do in the Airstream is curl up in the queen-size bed and watch a movie. But since George built me a mini-desk, I’ve been sitting (and napping!) on it constantly. We had open shelving for a few months until I just couldn’t stand the clutter anymore!
It works on my computer, but I know the pictures are large, so it may be a load time issue. We plan on living in the Airstream until we can save enough money to buy or build a small home.

Again, it’s got plenty of homemade pillows and we covered the bench cushion in vintage fabric. I’m a minimalist and I love a clean space, but George is an artist and needs a lot of stuff for his business, so we decided to compromise and build drawers from reclaimed barn wood to hide our junk. But since we are parked and hooked up to a septic system, a real toilet wasn’t a problem.

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