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Montessori Centre of Barrington is conveniently located on Rhode Island's East Bay, only twenty minutes from Providence RI, and neighboring Massachusetts. Like all Montessori programs, our goal is to foster good Montessori principles, have fun, and love and prepare our Toddlers for their future. We find that if young children are given loving and responsive care - in school and in the home - it dramatically improves their future development and greatly enhances their ability to learn. The school, in partnership with the parents, is always guided by what is in the best interest of the child. The wonderful and caring staff we have assembled all have the most important character trait for anyone providing care to the young .
Our Montessori Toddler curriculum consists of practical life, sensorial, toddler Montessori materials, art, language, numerals, culture, and music and movement. At Home with Montessori has a great post on the Montessori approach to toileting and is Australian. There is a fantastic series of posts at Three Oaks about toilet learning which is a wealth of information, tips and personal experience. Speaking of personal experience, I particularly like to read real-life experiences with toilet learning such as those at How we Montessori, An Everyday Story, Simply Natural Mom, Vibrant Wanderings.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. It may seem strange to get excited about a thing like toilet learning, but it is really is neat to see toddlers make those connections.
I’m a new reader, and can’t wait to read more about how Montessori inspires you! Thanks for a lovely post with lots of fabulous links… we might just start using the potty before bath time etc! This is a great article, I wish I’d had access to it when I first began toilet training my oldest daughter a few years ago.

While toilet training was fairly stress-free and successful with Cam, I am anticipating a much more difficult journey with Ike. We have had our first go at toilet learning with our now almost four year old, it took a while but she got there.
If you’ve been following our Self-Toileting series so far, hopefully you’ve realized a few basic things about this developmental milestone.
You can help set the child up for a successful toileting experience by preparing the environment and removing all obstacles (diapers, tight clothing, buttons & snaps). As you can see from the previous post, when your child is learning to toilet independently, he is also working on self-dressing skills, personal hygiene such as wiping, flushing, and washing hands. Here at Montessori Tides, it’s not until a bond of trust has been established between the teacher and child that a toddler teacher will offer a child to change into underwear.
Once you have a few logical routines established, leave some nice blocks of time in which you let your child decide rather or not to visit the bathroom.
Most of all, remember it is common during the first weeks that children are wet multiple times per hour, but then they often start staying dry for longer periods of time.
You'd like your child to be confident and independant, with a positive self-image - ready to take on new challenges and empowered to be the best he or she can be. Parents always want the best for their child and with that in mind we have prepared the finest environment possible. It just had a few small toys, a stamp and a couple of books on going potty so he could sit & wait, or try again later.
The only thing I would add as it specifically relates to pottying is that he can and does move the step stool around, and when he gets onto the potty, he just puts it over there (though it’s by the sink in the photos).
He had bowel surgery at 5 weeks, and learning to control the bowel, we have been told, will be one of his biggest hurdles. But I do wish there was more infomation readily available like this when I was in the midst of it.

He is piecing the whole experience together and the adult simply lends the child the support needed to master these new skills. If you notice that your child is doing that little dance, you may, of course, kindly ask if he thinks it is time to go. Although R has been toilet trained for a few years now, we do have issues where he will hold it in – sometimes all day. Johanna touched on this briefly in her latest video blog and is an area she feels, adults, often unknowingly try to manage. Johanna suggests thinking how you would address your superior will lead you to be discreet and neutral.
We felt very strongly about initiating toilet learning in the sensitive period and I am in awe at how much my son has learned so far. Johanna points out, “The child is not really independent toileting until he has also learned how to self cue.” She goes further to say, “The child can feel if you are trying to manage their ‘work’. They change into dry clothes in the bathroom and see other children using the toilet or potty while there. This post has inspired me to take a slower more respectful approach (just like we did when he was just learning to use the bathroom). You might feel like telling your child to go to the bathroom to ‘try’, but your child may want to learn the full extent of his own bladder’s holding ability.

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