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Items ship out the same day or next business day and arrive in 2-3 business days after that. Potty Monkey was designed by a Pediatric Urologist and PottyMD LLC to be the most educational and successful toilet training system on the market. We also have Yellow Monkey Hangers, Blue Monkey Hangers, White Monkey Hangers, and Green Monkey Hangers.
When a new baby comes into a home, it is highly likely that a massive mound of baby clothes follows! Instead of meticulously folding and separating the duds into more piles, just toss them on one of these charming little hangers and keep them wrinkle free and organized, all while looking child stylish.

There are two books, one for the parents to learn about toilet training and one for the child (board book)to learn about Potty Monkey and his new potty chair and underwear. Baby's will burn through those adorable little outfits the same way a hurricane might rip through a small town, and soon, you are left with a house filled with your little ones garbs laying in piles everywhere! Not only do these serve as a rescue to you, the busy mom, but they make an excellent baby shower gift for one of your mom-to-be friends!
Potty Monkey is a high-tech cudily plush animal that speaks and educates everytime he is placed on his real flushing toilet. If you are like most busy parents, then sitting around folding clothes all day falls far short of an appealing feat.

Most importantly, Potty Monkey contains a 30 and 90 minute timer to remind you and your child is it time to go again, and again, and again.

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