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By a glance, Potty Mouth seems like an all-female band that we already know (such as HAIM, Stealing Sheep, etc), but they are far more than that. Potty Mouth music might come across like Sonic Youth or somehow it has a bit of the Pixies. Their debut album, ‘Hell Bent’, storms out like an expander of pop-punk music in the last two years.
With a political view, no sexist agenda, and the sublime pop-influenced punk music, No matter what people would like to label their music as, we have come to a conclusion that Potty Mouth are the ones to watch.
Off of their upcoming EP, “Cherry Picking” squarely takes on all of the riot grrl revivalism, as mentioned in a recent interview with Fader. Fresh off an avalanche of critical acclaim for 2013’s full-length, Hell Bent, the band is back, minus one member, but their sound is fuller than ever before.
It seems like all of my new favorite bands fall into the same mold: raw-edged and female-fronted. From Denver, Dressy Bessy is best known for their association with Elephant 6, the ’60s psych-pop inspired collective that birthed bands like Neutral Milk Hotel, of Montreal, and the Apples in Stereo.
Sorry, Balloon Ride Fantasy, but Delicious Pastries has the best name of probably any band in Pittsburgh right now. Potty Mouth consist of four beautiful Massachusetts girls, they are Abby Weems (vocals, guitar), Ally Einbender (bass), Phoebe Harris (guitar), Victoria Mandanas (drums).
With punk sensibillities and raw guitar playing, they have made their sound like a well-shaped band’s practice, we can easily claim they sound like a junior version of Kim Gordon.
Potty Mouth’s songs tend to have pop lyrics that is covered with a political view, a bit of punk riffs, and a nice monotone tune.
The track deals with imaging one’s life with certain aspects appropriated from the lives of others.
The Pittsburgh comedy scene gives you more reason than ever8 great hole-in-the-wall Pittsburgh breakfast spots NeighborhoodsEat.
Bessy guitarist John Hill is the longtime guitarist for Apples in Stereo, and it is not a stretch to say you’ll fall for Bessy if you like the Apples.

Pittney channels Dave Vanian with ease, mimicking the legendary Londoner’s punk-as-fuck diction as if he wrote the track himself. Sam Cook-Parrott, when Chrissy Tashjian of Dangerous Ponies, at the time, suggested for him to be the opener for our collaborative New Year’s Eve party last year. The story of the band’s birth started by Ally, Phoebe, and Victoria who went to the same college and dragged Abby to join the band (because they already knew Abby had an interest to be in the band), what makes it very interesting is ; they were inexperienced with their own instruments. But what’s more than being likened to some powerful bands from the mid-90s, Potty Mouth capture a general disenchantment that still lingers twenty years after a generation’s music became known for personifying it. Battling for authenticity, the bass holds a steady court with the chest thumping crash of each drum beat as the vocals find themselves battling back and forth between menacing and glowering. It’s exciting to see a band as naturally talented as Potty Mouth push their limits even further on new material.
Thaw out with some friends and check out these can’t-miss concerts coming to Pittsburgh in March. Later he moved to LA and became part of Phil Spector’s “Wrecking Crew” of ace session musicians.
That being said, lead guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Tammy Ealom always been wary of being mistaken for an Apples side project. The band is celebrating the release of their new album, Aleatoric Delay, their first since 2011’s Pretty Please. Clocking in at a few seconds shy of three minutes, the second track on Love Songs is arguably one of the best renditions of the ‘76 single. Being an English grad and lover of lyrics, I was instantly captivated by his earnest, heartfelt words, but unfortunately, he was unable to perform at our soiree and now Dangerous Ponies is no longer a band. Potty Mouth don’t think their music sounds like Sonic Youth at all, they would describe they are a pop band who get an influence of 90s punk musics, and that doesn’t mean they would like to be described as A Blink-182’s fellow as well.
Behind all of this bad ass thing that is surrounding them, we are hailing Potty Mouth since they don’t try to make themselves (or to be seen) as a riot girl group just because they are an all-female band who play a different kind of music.
It’s a ridiculously fresh take on an old sound and proof that, regardless of what many might think, it’s possibly to be inspired by a sound but not tethered to its scene.

There’s Jersey punk, Japanese noise, and a four band mini-festival with some of the biggest names in alternative rock.
Friendship and collaboration with George Harrison and Bob Dylan came next, as did a successful solo career and a stint as Joe Cocker’s bandleader. Sharing the stage with Delicious Pastries is Butterbirds and a pair of bands fresh off of album release shows of their own: Meeting of Important People and Shaky Shrines. Abby told CMJ “I just really hate being pop-punk because it harbors such a negative connotation. What they want to do is simply breaking the male’s domination in the punk scene, well, in that case, Potty Mouth’s music could be compared with the other all-male indie bands’ work. The former Drive-By Trucker has reached new heights as a solo artist, including a Grammy for Best Americana album at last week’s Grammys for Something More than Free.
However, once again, the rock gods must be conspiring against me because I just saw that Thin Lips have dropped off the bill at the last minute and have been replaced by Le Yikes Surf Club. That phrase kind of emerged from this uprising of bands like Blink-182, New Found Glory or whatever. If you’re a fan of any of these bands, or Riot Grrl, or punk, (or good music in general, really), consider Potty Mouth. Don’t miss local openers Delicious Pastries, who have a show of their own coming up .
Well, the show must go on, and both local acts will be opening for buzzing Northampton, MA quartet Potty Mouth. The all-female garage-pop crew has accumulated much praise from major media outlets like Pitchfork, NPR and The New York Times for their latest release and first LP Hell Bent. I think we play pop music that has a lot of punk influences and a lot of punk style and sound to it.

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