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Last week, I posted about my son’s favorite toys and one of them happened to be the new Trash Pack collection. My son loves looking out the window at all vehicles passing by and I know he would love something like this. My son has me make up songs about garbage trucks to sing at bedtime, he was even a garbage TRUCK for Halloween this year!
My daughter lovvveesss the garbage truck, even since she was little..its quite an advnture to take the trash to the curb!
We live in an apartment complex, and my children love it when the trash monster (trash truck) come to take all of the garbage, they stare in amazement!!
I love going into the trash can and finding everything in there from my cell phone, bra, toys, my son is obsessed with it for some reason and smart enough to open it, he would love a truck!!!
Potty training your child is a challenging but rewarding experience, and the best potty chair can complement that experience. This potty comes in an assortment of six colors to match the interior of any nursery or bathroom: blue, silver, green, pink, red and white. This potty chair, the design of which brings back to mind a host of Sesame Street characters, resembles a real toilet complete with flush handles to help your child transition to an adult toilet. According to many parents, this potty chair is very user-friendly for children and kids love it.
Nothing beats the fun factor when it comes to something as prosaic as potty training, so kids will really like the Sesame Street Elmo Adventure Potty Chair.
The Baby Stella "My Big Girl Potty" Book is the perfect potty training tool to help your little one with their potty training challenges. The Baby Stella Big Girl Potty Training Set includes two sets of training pants and eight stickers so your little one can work on potty training skills through play!
And because I love this collection so much, we’re bringing another giveaway your way.

Just comment here on whether your kids love trash, sign up for A-List Mom emails, and you could win big! A winner will be chosen via random drawing and announced at the top of the post by Wednesday, December 14.
She will go around looking for something on the floor so she can habe an excuse to stomp on the magic lever that lifts the lid. My 4 yr old son is no exception We’ve already started collecting these cute trashies. He idolizes the real ones so much, when they come down the street he stands in the front bay window and cheers & applauds. He loves to watch the garbage men pick up the trash, and he adores helping his daddy collect it to go out. I have a older son and my two yr old daughter even love garbage trucks, she trys to take the garbage out all the time! The ergonomically designed chair features rounded styling and lots of leg room so your toddler can get comfortably close to the seat. The seat adapter removes easily to attach to most adult toilet, so this product works both as a stand-alone and as an attached seat.
With the engaging design and high functionality, it should be less challenging to potty train your child. Encourage the development of your child while giving them a chance to nurture and care for their Baby. He LOVES any kind of truck or piece of heavy equipment but has a special fondness for garbage trucks. She also will go to any heights (literally climbing the windowsill) to see the garbage truck do its thing. And now I have a three month old son, and this will be another one of those treasures to pass down the Fun! It’s so small and lightweight that you can bring it around on trips, while its kid size makes it less intimidating for your toddler. It also features high back support for taller toddlers and armrests so your child can sit steadily without wriggling around.
To assist you in teaching your child healthy toilet habits, the flush handle comes with encouraging Elmo phrases and flush sounds.

It was the right size for most children and the removable bowl was easy to clean, with some children expressing the wish to do so themselves.
The best potty chair is one which children will want to use of their own accord, making your task easier in training them to use the toilet independently. We are working on potty training and I have his total attention when I remind him that the drivers of the big trucks go pee in the potty. Is that what mom’s talking about when we ask her for a new toy and she tells us we’re already spoiled enough by our granddad and gram? He thinks that the trash can is awesome because it is always filled with something new every day. Moreover, since your child’s legs won’t dangle over it, he or she can wait comfortably and get used to sitting on a real potty.
The splashguard prevents unnecessary messes by ensuring that all messes are redirected into the inner potty. The non-slip rubber feet beneath it are added for safety, so that it grips the floor surface. On the other hand, some children have gotten stuck to the potty when they try to get up, leaving a mess. To complete the look, there is an aquarium lenticular label inside the tank for a fun 3D effect. No more will we unravel a WHOLE NEW ROLL of toliet paper just to play with the cardboard roll inside. The rubber bottom edge of this potty keeps the chair in place so it won’t move around while your child is seated. Last but not least, many children found the potty to be comfortable and trained quickly with it.
We promise to play with the Soggy Tomato Trashie instead of the stuff that is stuck to the cereal box inside the garbage. A few parents complained that when their children sat on it, they injured themselves sitting on the splash guard, which is made of hard plastic.

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