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Patrick works with sick and vulnerable children and runs The Laughter Specialist Childrens Trust.
For his contribution to the feature about entertaining for families and children he was chosen as the expert to give advice. Patrick You were fantastic and would highly recommend you to anyone and would definitely use you again.
Hi Patrick I just wanted to say thank you so much for making Eleanors party so successful on Sunday. Dear Patrick, I would like to thank you for coming to entertaining at Max and Ayden's birthday party yesterday.

In what now seems like a former life, I was a senior musical director for Rank, and have seen a great many children's entertainers. I have put on many parties over the years with 4 children, but this is the first time when so many parents have come to ask me "Where did you find him?
She had an absolutely wonderful time, and in fact all the parents who were there, as well as the children, have been telling me ever since, how much they enjoyed it. He was great!!" Absolutely totally unanimous approval from parents and children alike!! We thought you were amusing and patient with the children (especially when being physically attacked!) and struck a nice balance of activities so they all got something out of it.

I have seen many children's entertainers who plough through a prescribed running order come what may.
Matt had such a good time, he didn't stop laughing the whole time and I think it will be the talk of his school class for quite sometime. We look forward to seeing you in the panto later this year, and I hope well get to see you at another party sometime.

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