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Guide the shiny object to the shiny platform in each level by removing or manipulating other objects. As a blue blob which loves its lawn, you must keep the other blobs off it to prevent them from damaging it! Dodge hundreds of bullets coming at you from all kinds of directions whilst destroying enemy ships in this truly frantic game!
An action-platformer where you investigate (with weapons of course) a science lab in which a mysterious infection has taken over.
If you thought the first Bubble Cannon wasn't challenging enough; the sequel will surely put your skills to the test!
Fed up with the laziness of our hero after the first Knightfall game, the princess forces him out of retirement and onto a new adventure!
Shoot cannonballs at a variety of household items to cause the required amount of damage in each level to progress! A game similar to the popular Splitter games in which you must cut objects to help guide your own object to the exit in each level. Whilst the survivors of the aftermath of the first Epic Battle Fantasy struggle to rebuild their lives, a new evil figure emerges!
Things get even stranger as you continue to find a way to escape a mysterious scientific facility.

Eliminate the evil Roly-Polys, but don't expect that cannon you have become so used to aid you in this quest. From the creator of the smash hit Crush the Castle comes a new physics-based puzzler; your goal: detonate abandoned buildings!
A unique action-shooter in which you must equip elevators with automatic weaponry whilst shooting down enemy creeps yourself.
After completing his training, Stickman Sam is ready for his first real zombie-and-spider- infested mission. Collect the coins and guide your ball to the exit in each level while dodging enemy attacks from guns, flamethrowers and other dangerous weapons. Ram into the front of other vehicles to gain speed as you try to out-run a police helicopter. Your goal is to knock the approaching balls out of the way to ensure that the white ball in the centre stays in its boundary!
A unique game in which you must protect a garden's water supply by attacking invading bugs with flowers. Collect the smiley-faces and dodge all other obstacles as you travel in a black-and-white world through the machine! Place the needed percent of widgets into their matching-coloured pipes in each level before time runs out to progress.

Your objective is to collect energy clusters by eating them without letting them hit your tail.
Partly inspired by the game Time4Cat, in RepliCat you must avoid past versions of yourself whilst collecting essentials. A simple yet addictive game in which you must shoot as many of the enemies as you can within 60 seconds. Rotate the ring of cells with the arrow keys and catch matching coloured particles to prevent them from escaping. Put your multitasking skills to the test by seeing just how many games you can play at once! Shooting pixels however will decrease your health, so don't forget to collect stray pixels.

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