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Dress her in training nappy pants when out so she can feel she’s done a wee, but not make a mess in public.
When we went hard with this strategy for Ella we had wee spots everywhere for three or four days.
Not sure why our last one was so lazy…maybe because we were more relaxed about it everything he did so we didnt go out of our way to encourage him enough. You would well have had your hands full by the time you were training your last, so I imagine responding to his needs quickly would be difficult.
Kellie O'Brien is a journalist, funny mummy blogger, mum to two li'l princesses and a li’l princess herself, at just 150cms. Right now, as I write this, I'm looking out the window […]MoreThanks for dropping by! When we toilet trained Princess Ella just before her second birthday it took all of a week and she was trained.

Took about two days and then lots of close supervision that first week but overall it was super quick and GREAt!
I eneded up gettin 2 pottys as her first one did not look like a big girl toielt – Her words and with that she chose her next one and did it mainly on her own from there. The turtle potty was chosen by Ella, which is probably why she took to potty training so quickly.
She has made some lovely facial expressions though as if she’s squeezing something out. Sure, there was still the odd accident – and the smell of urine in the air for weeks afterwards until we got the carpet cleaner in.
He also liked the big potty so we got a family seat from bunnings which has an adult and child seat option. As some people are telling me, they will train when they’re ready – no matter what we do!

She is also highly fascinated with wiping her own bottom, even though she hasn’t done anything. One of the tips we were given by a child carer was to sit her on the potty and read her a book.
But I’ll be adopting that method again, complete with an appropriately titled Pooh Bear book.

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