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Subscribe to our email list to receive a FREE video outlining my top 5 tips for saving money on groceries. My daughter was potty trained at about 20 months old, shes 3 now and this is the best little seat.
Editorial ReviewThe first step in toilet training youngsters is to get them interested in this new device that will soon be such an indispensable part of their lives.
Editorial ReviewThis multifunctional potty seat offers just about every featurea parent would want when beginning the daunting process of toilettraining. I have 21 month old twin boys, they started potty training at about 19 months, and still arent fully trained. My twin boys are now 20 months old, and I have had this since they were 5 months old (using the safer bathers in the tub) and I LOVE it. Editorial ReviewThis potty is exceptionally sturdy and comes assembled for useas a standalone potty out of the box. My twin sons started potty training at 15 months old, they are now 20 months and almost fully potty trained.
It’s a normal part of a child’s development to learn how not to poop when they’re not near a toilet.
When toddlers hold it in, it could simply be because they’re distracted – why take a time-out for the toilet when you’ve got a room full of toys? Your doctor may recommend your toddler take a laxative known as polyethylene glycol (PEG) 3350. The Canadian Paediatric Society says it’s safe for regular use, even in babies under 18 months old.
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Not only can my 2 year old attach it to the toilet herself but it stays put and she can climb up and off without it sliding around. The reviews for this potty had me convinced that all I had to do was show it to her and she would fall in love instantly. Designed to serve as both a portable potty and a step stool,this unit is the kind that will accommodate toddlers as they develop.The all-in-one unit has a soft, cushioned seat (with a side handle)that sits firmly on a sturdy base containing a removable, easy-to-emptytoilet bowl. We have this Soft seat potty and the VERY expensive baby bjorn stand alone potty, and who woulda guessed we liked the cheaper one? Well we started training our boys to sit, and after many horrible potty expirences (which also led to potty delays!!!) the splash guard had to go.
It may not look like much online, but when you see and feel it in person, you realize that it really is much nicer than the $5 stools you find at discount stores. His twin sister never really used this potty (we have the black and white baby bjorn insert too!). I put a little cardboard divider inside and on one half I store DRY washcloths, baby toothpaste and brushes and un-opened soaps.
Simply open the lid (and snap thefront shield into place if it's being used by a boy), then tilt theseat up to reveal the bowl; it slides out for easy cleaning. We had another potty that was too big for him, but this was perfect, he could get on all by himself, and he looked comfortable. He has no trouble at all sitting on this one, even though it has a splash guard high enough to keep everything in the bowl.
So when you spot your toddler standing on tiptoe, crossing his or her legs, squatting or getting red in the face, you might assume your kid is working on a bit of business. Sometimes they’re having trouble relaxing (an essential part of the process), perhaps because the toilet is intimidating or a caregiver is pushy. The stool becomes hard and dry as too much water is absorbed from it, making it painful to pass and creating a vicious cycle of trying to hold it the next time. Your child may even experience tiny tears (anal fissures) that leave bright blood on the surface of the stool. Naturally it then becomes a struggle for parents, who may feel distressed over their child’s painful poops, frustrated by soiled underwear, and stressed because toilet training isn’t on schedule. If you routinely put children on the potty at the same time every day, their bodies often start preparing to poop naturally. But seek advice from your doctor if your toddler seems distressed over toileting, or if you’re stuck in a discouraging pattern. Our advice is to place a small order with the lowest shipping charge, then go back and take advantage of the free shipping on larger orders!

Unlike those other pottys out there that can dangerously slide off with your child on it, this one is the safest I have ever seen. It sports a detachable potty seat that can later fit over an actual toilet seat, a splash guard for boys, room for a roll of toilet tissue, and a recessed top for holding a box of wipes (just in case). My boys would get their penis (no need to use babywords on an adult sight ment for helping others with thier purchases) stuck on it and it would really hurt them, they just hated it (same with the Bjorn). I use it to reach the pantry and get to all the permanent markers that I must hide from my 2 and a half year old. It has never leaked, though it does slide around a little bit, we just put on some adhesive grippers for that though. On the other half I store toys, shampoo, used soap and anything else that my boys used in the tub thats wet but doesnt need to be washed! When yourchild is ready, you can remove the seat for use on the toilet, and thearms provide extra security. Its very inexpensive and it works well in our situation, but I can see how this potty would be a nightmare to others. Bob Issenman, Chief of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition at McMaster Children’s Hospital in Hamilton, Ont. Push a button and it makes a satisfactorily realistic flushing sound thanks to a 9-volt battery, which is not included. I finally just pulled it off. 2) I don't know if anyone else had this problem, but my flusher never really worked right, you had to push down extremely hard to get it to work.
When the seat lid is down, the toilet becomes ahandy step stool that can be used long after training has ended.
They use it for getting to the sink, to get on the potty, to reach something up high, to get on the chairs to eat, an deven to get into bed sometimes! I must say that I am a hard core fan on Baby Bjorn items as they are durable, classic in design and color.
My son doesnt use it too much now at 3 years old, (he goes in the regular potty standing on the baby bjorn step stool without the insert and goes like his sister sitting for #2 on the insert). My daugher likes it and it works fine when she is using it as a small potty, but we seldom put the potty seat on the big toilet. The splash guared is perfect, it's not so high that I worry about him hurting himself, yet it does the job. It took up ALOT of space in my LARGE bathrooms, yet the seat was very tiny as I had already mentioned.
This is a sturdy non-slip item It has supported me for months 120lbs (give or take 10 lbs!) We used it so much that I bought another step stool, made by playskool and I wished I had bought another BabyBjorn. I think its great for a standing boy because it is the perfect hight so your trainee wont topple over!
It stores things in them and they never get moldy or gross smelling because there are vents on the sides! We ended up just buying a soft potty seat ring for that because she can't get the toilet seat off by herself. After a few times, he decided he prefers to use the seat on the big toilet, and it works great for that as well. We haven't tried using the toilet seat insert part yet, but we have used the bottom as a step stool. This is a pretty fancy piece of equipment and some may worry that it overcomplicates toilet training. When I tried to take it apart and put it back together again (without the instructions, which I had thrown away), I couldn't do it. 3) It's white. The stools are very sturdy and I recomend them for ANYONE, whether you have kids or not, it holds almost any weight and is very convinient and the perfect height.
Its also a very large space and the top is easy for me to open but my boys havent figured it out yet. This seat is great for several reasons: truly adjustable, very comfortable, easy for a small child to use themself, plus it looks like a real toilet seat. Sure, realism has its advantages, but to a kid like my daughter, to whom color is everything, having a white potty is an absolute deal breaker. It gave them alot of confidence in dumping it out into the potty, and putting it back (although after they do that I clean it out better!) The potty is a little small, even for my small twins butts!

We have one in each bathroom, one in the upstairs hall closet and one in the cabinet under the kitchen sink,(or under the table lol). Its not too colorful like other potties we tried, (our kids thought it was like a staking toy that you take apart!). The stool isn't convenient to use either because you have to remove the potty seat and turn the rest of the potty over to use it. It's not quite high enough for him to get up on the toilet, but he's a bit young, he'll grow into that. Has a rubber loop that helps snug it to the back of the toilet which also can be used to hang on a wall. I really felt bad for my little baby. So we bought a cheap potty insert, this didnt fit the potty and frightened my little girl when it would wobble and slide.
My son has never once complained when he used to sit on it, (no red marks either) and it is very easy to clean.
There was really no place to keep it and the soft vinyl seat cover was ripping, UHG. So finnaly we heard about the Bjorn. In fact, if she needs to go and I say, let's use this potty (the totco), my daughter says, every time, "no mom, get the blue one." 4) It's too bulky. The seat is really soft and really easy to clean (I doubt that I will ever use it as a snap-in for the regular toilet though). We still have it to keep in the car on long road trips, (A very absorbant diaper in a plastic bag, just tie up the bag and throw it out and put another one in!) Its also great for young visitors. The potty doesnt slide around too much either, a big godsend! But why I prefer this potty to the expensive baby bjorn?
I would recomend it for a sitting boy too because the splash guard works VERY well (my son has tried but he prefers standing like a "boy") It worked great for my little girl also, the few times she had to use it.
My boys use it as a step stool too and it doesnt slide around much (although we use it on a bath mat).
If I were to buy one of these again, I would get one that comes apart more easily and is smooth inside. It isnt in the way anymore because it can be hung on a little hook (my daughter takes great pride in taking it on and off). Also, my daughter is into color, and since this potty is white and her other is blue, she asks for the other potty every time. 5) It's got too many parts. They are "standing" boys so when they start using the real potty this will be great for them to reach. Its very comfortable but it doesnt have ripping vinyl material, its all one piece of sturdy plastic. When my daughter uses her other potty, it's very easy for her to pick up the pot part and dump it into the toilet and put it back (something she loves doing and is proud of; I clean it out after she puts it back). I love it, my twins love it and I'm sure I will use it to train my 8 month old twin boys to stand when the time comes.
This is a very versital gift and it keeps my bathroom looking very nice, you dont see all the clutter that would be there if I didnt have this stool! I love that its not too cold for my girls tushie in the mornings, and it can retain the heat pretty well (my friend has a potty seat that she has to place a blanket over it so afterwards it wont be too freezing for her daughter to sit on it!) Its definatly easy to clean, just a little baby wipe and its all done, no little creveces to get "god knows what" stuck to it, YUCK. The baby bjorn slides all over the place and the splash guard can not come off, so we were stuck when it came time for our standing sons.
The little splash guard can work for boys (My son (6) has tried it, although he was very uncomfortable because of the fact that he stands, but other than that he said it was fine) but its not too annoying for girls, she has never been bothered or hurt by it at all, she actually enjoys holding it!
I love this potty and hope that its lack in problems will help correct my twins fear of toilets. Sure, when I first brought it out (again, a year ago) she sat on it willingly enough, but she just wasn't ready yet to "go all the way." Bottom line, this potty has its problems and it is no potty training miracle.

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