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Design Description:The Harlequin and Peace Signs Design is sure a nice throw back to the 70s. Placing them in hallways can help illuminute the path to the restroom or to the kitchen for a late night snack.
Wait For Potty Training Signs Or Push Child Into Toilet Training?I have always waited for my children to show signs that they were ready to start potty training before we started training them. If you have the entirely understandable attitude of not giving a flying fig about the continence or otherwise of my children, look away now. One of the exciting things I haven't had chance to blog about yet was last weekend's clinic with the one and only Christoph Hess!

On Saturday, June 2nd, I will have a small training class at my office in the Mandarin area of Jacksonville. As ICT professionals, we should always keep ourselves updated with the latest Information and Communications Technology (ICT) trends and technologies. There really can be no denying it anymore.It’s a filthy little secret, and I so hope you’ll keep it hush hush, but Oh Lord please help me.
This set includes one pump dispenser, ideal for soap or lotion, and one toothbrush holder with four holes.
Although originally designed for toothbrushes, the holder will also hold make-up brushes, nail files, and other bathroom tools.

Our cheerful designs are perfect for toddlers and kids and we also have patterns that teens and adults will love.
If your child outgrows the design or if you are changing your decor you can unscrew the plate and continue to use the plain night light.

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