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Sue DiCicco has created two books - one for boys and the other one - Princess potty time for girls. Looking for more super heroes potty training products for a great selection of potty seats, chairs, stickers and many more potty training products! I cannot get the go potty app, the link takes me to some music place, and even when I do a search for the app, nothing.
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It is an interactive book with flaps and tabs and wheels to teach your little superhero about using the potty in heroic style!

She lives in Santa Barbara, California, where she dons both superhero cape and princess tiara with equal grace and aplomb. Here is a link directly to the pdf for the boys chart – let me know if you have any problems!
Also I cannot find the boys chart either, I used the link from the article and the email given in the blog as a correct one, neither one worked!
The other blog that hosted the boys printable is no longer around, so that’s the main problem here. With my illustrations, and Maddie’s details and layouts, I think these charts are nice and simple for your toddlers. Plus, you can customize to fit your needs – whether it be manners, chores, morning routines, potty training, etc.

Oh – and Maddie found a great link to a blog post about using a reward chart as a postive parenting tool, thanks to Childhood 101. I wanted to ask for permission before using the image being that it is copyright protected.

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