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If you thought having a newborn was tough, it can become even more challenging when they reach the next year of their life. Potty training is tough for your little one, and it can often take them awhile to learn how to do it. One of the top things you need to know about potty training is that they are going to make mistakes. A lot of people have different ideas how you should train your little one to stop using nappies.
You need to make sure you reward your child when they do manage to go on the potty or toilet so that they know they should do it again. Thanks to Stephanie for #6 and Ann for #7, who submitted them on the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage. Learned the hard way…but still do it, Never ever brag about how good your kid is at something, anything.
If you drop the baby off at grandma’s and pack all of the healthy food, grandma will throw away the healthy food you packed and feed the baby junk. If you make one silly face to make the baby laugh, you will have to make that face ONE THOUSAND MORE TIMES. If the baby is entertained while you’re pooping, they will somehow knock down the gate, get in the bathroom, and sit on your lap while you finish your poop. The day you decide you no longer need to keep spare clothes in the car, will be the day your kid has an accident. A fathers experience: Your son falls in love with Spiderman at the age of three, so you frantically search for Spiderman birthday decor and a costume for a superhero surprise visit. Your baby will have a epic nap but only when you have plans and have to leave the house in 10 minutes!
Your new baby will sleep through the night for the first time, only to have your 4 year old wake at 3am and not go back to sleep till almost 4:30.
My toddler wakes up at 6 every morning but the one morning the hubby us home and I get to sleep in she doesn’t wake up till 9. You stay home with the kids all day everyday, and like clockwork, your baby craps at the same time, in the morning, and right after her afternoon nap. Whenever you declare anything in your house (or even in your mind), the exact opposite happens. Offer your toddler a snack or lunch before you leave the house and they will adamitly refuse.
The second you score a whole summer wardrobe of shorts and tshirts for $30 your daughter will decide she only wears dresses.
If you schedule family photos one of your kids will slice open an eyebrow 2 days before they occur.
The day you say your kid never naps for less than 2 hours is the day your kid doesn’t nap at all. EVERY time we have pictures scheduled a child will get a huge bruise or scrap on their face the day before…or, mommy or daddy will get a huge zit the morning of.
You think you have 12 good years before you need to worry about talking to your kids about sex. The Indian way of answering this is “God put her in there.” This might work for a child under six. Jaya Parasuraman is a Nanotechnologist, CEO of the house, mommy to a superactive 4 year old, a baker, a chef and now, a freelance writer. HandsTel is helping parents come together as a community to protect our children at work and play.

Get free access to Maternity and Pregnancy related information, especially written for Mothers-to-Be. Her mission is simple: To share her struggles and successes with other mom's out there so they know that they are not alone in this quest to raise children. Having a toddler is tricky; they are learning new things such as walking and using the potty. Although some babies learn when they are only 18 months how to do it, others can take up till their three before doing it successfully. If you throw something away because your child has not played with it in months, she will ask for it later that same day. If you successfully transfer your sleeping baby all the way from your car to her crib, you will sneeze and wake her up as you tiptoe out the door. If your daughter spent a year begging to take ballet, the day you sign her up for classes and pay the bill, she’ll switch her interest to gymnastics. If you pack up the entire house to go on a two day trip, you’ll forget something really simple. If you buy a new carpet and it sits rolled up in a corner for a month, the day you finally get your husband to move the furniture and lay the thing down, will be the same day your three-year-old spills a canister of glitter. The day you dress the baby in her best outfit will be the day she has the MOTHER of all blow-outs. The one time your toddler listens and models your behavior, will be the time you say, “Shit! If you spend half the day packing everyone up to go to the zoo, they will all fall asleep by the time you get there.
If you somehow manage to make it to work with an outfit free of poop, snot or spit-up, you will spill your own coffee on it as soon as you sit down at your desk. If you decide to take a chance by leaving the diaper bag at home for an easy evening stroll with the baby, she won’t just need a new diaper.
If you brag to your friends about how much your toddler is talking, when they see her, she will not say a word. The second you decide to take advantage of naptime by stepping into the shower, sitting down to eat or god forbid trying to get some shut-eye yourself, the baby will wake up. You strap silly string cans to your wrist and climb on the roof for the BIG birthday entrance.
When your potty training kid wakes up dry for a few nights in his Pull-Up and you decide to give underwear a try, he wakes wets the bed the rest of the week. It might be super tempting to ask her to fetch the wipes, and fasten that diaper really quick and hope her attention has been diverted to never answer that question. By preschool years, most kids have figured out that touching themselves is comforting, warm and makes them feel good.
A homosexual kiss comes on the screen and your five year old catches it before you quickly change it. Just explain that the advertisement is inappropriate for kids and he shouldn’t have seen it. Mortified as you maybe, just casually cover yourself, ask him to leave the room and say you need some privacy to get dressed.
The best advice we can give for dads is to keep trying, and your baby will get there in the end. Remember to make sure your child isn’t holding in their urine because they haven’t got a nappy on. As Parenting explains, try and make it fun by giving him things to aim at such as Fruit Loops.

In the excitement you jump of the roof shooting silly string (looked awesome), only to have the mask shift mid flight and you don’t stick the landing. I had to join a gym to get one before 9 PM, because he would wake up EVERY DAMN TIME as soon as I was soaking wet.
Or, she started waking up from nap after 45 min (I try to nap when she does) so I figure ill just read since she won’t take a long nap anyway right? Don’t know if you can fix it or not but I have a feeling that it bugs you just as much! With kids as little as three, sex springs up in the unlikeliest of manners, in the most inappropriate moments. Maybe you can give him an incomplete explanation, with a mental note to fill in the gaps later. Download the YouTube Kids application, which restricts inappropriate content and consider setting up parental control on TV and computers as well. You can’t get cross when it happens as they are going to make mistakes while they’re trying to learn. It can lead to further issues such as a urinary tract infection, so make sure to ask them if they need to go and watch out for signs.
Potty training can be a bonding experience for a parent and a child, so as well as the mommy getting involved, you need to help too! My back is shot, son is hysterically crying, freaked out by the costume and a party full of kids attacks you in your weakened state. Tell them it’s ok to touch themselves only in the privacy of their own homes, and not in public places. You may want to put them in nappies at night when they are in bed, just in case they have an accident.
This is also a great Segway into the “good touch, bad touch” talk that every parent must have with their three to five year olds. Just say, when people grow up, they grow hair in different places, like daddy’s beard or mommy’s legs.
Here are some common situations you might be faced with children between the ages of three to six. Tell them that these are their “private parts” and can be touched only by mom or dad while cleaning them, and that they should tell you immediately if anyone else attempted to touch them. If your son insists on shutting the toilet door while he does his business, allow him that privacy.
For many days in a row… And let us also not forget, any time you are up until some rediculous hour for an reason, at least one if not all of the kids will wake up very early the next morning.
Sure, they sound funny and so you’re probably going to be subject to some random screaming of these words where you don’t want them. Or some gems like this when they go about repearting – “Boys have pens and girls have chinas.” It’s totally normal and the lesser the deal you make about it, the lesser they’ll say it to annoy you.
When we react abnormally to “penis” or “vagina”, they go on and on, simply to get a reaction out of you.

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