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La veille de sa mort, Prince avait appele en urgence un docteur specialiste des addictions.
Howard Kornfeld, specialiste renomme des addictions a l'alcool, aux drogues et aux medicaments, a ete appele par le chanteur pour une Ā«situation medicale d'urgenceĀ». Potty training realization: C is several months older than T was when he was potty trained. Day 3 of potty training: While C is wearing just pull-ups in the living room, I watch as pee rockets out of the leg with the intensity of a water cannon. Day I-have-lost-count-plus-one: He is the only child in the world not motivated by a bribe of M&Ms. Day I-have-lost-count-plus-three: After he has been holding it for four hours while wearing Star Wars underwear, I finally cajole C into peeing on the potty. Il s'agit de Michael Schulenberg, un medecin de famille d'experience qui travaillait a quelques kilometres de la residence du chanteur.

C has shown no interest in anything toilet-related, although his classmates are rapidly joining the ranks of underwear-wearers.
At a little more than 2-and-a-half, T informed me he no longer wanted to pee in his diaper. He grabs several squares of toilet paper and carefully wipes his scrotum, studiously avoiding his penis.
And how incredibly disgusting and messy it is when he runs to the bathroom moments after he has pooped (before I know it has happened) and manages to spread said poop all over the place? He pees in the toilet once; I only know because I run into the bathroom after him and discover him mid-act. Several hours later I tell him he can wear underwear to the pizza joint around the corner for lunch if he pees again.
My friend catches him behind my car, leaning against it with one hand peeing with a big turd dangling between his legs.

He will wear them with pride and convince legions of college students that they should do the same.
C is not going to quickly potty train, because he is one of the most stubborn humans I have ever come across. Bathroom breaks will become a thing of the past, upping productivity of all contributing members of society!" Maybe he's onto something.

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