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Recommended for children 18 months of age and older, you can get the Sesame Street Playskool Potty Time Elmo Plush Toy today for just $15.98. When your daughter is ready to toilet train, the process will be shorter and more relaxed for both of you.
If your toddler is obsessed with this furry red Sesame Street character and he’s close to potty training time, the Sesame Street Playskool Potty Time Elmo Plush Toy might be a good way to encourage him to use the toilet.

This toy can help your little boy or girl understand what it means to go potty and how to accomplish this task.
This toy encourages young children to give Elmo a sip of water and then help lower his pants so he can make it to the potty in time before he has an accident.
A reward chart and stickers are included so that children can reward Elmo when he goes potty correctly.

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