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We used the usual briber, lots of praise, being consistent, and this kid did what she had to do.
I don’t want to brag but Lori (our daycare provider) said that the wee babe was the quickest potty trainer ever. All in all, get your Potty Time DVD, you and your child should watch it until the songs are burnt into your brain and then watch it 50 more times.
Receive special offers on bestselling IPG categories, including cooking, crafting, teen reads, and more! But I must say that this DVD is really well made with catching tunes that stick with you and you actually sing all day.

We even brought it in a day long bike ride to an outdoor event and while we were there, we made a makeshift bathroom in the middle of the outdoor event.
And it was a bit of a nightmare the first day we put underwear on her as she didn’t want to wear a pull up to bed.
We already had two pottys and two seats that fit inside a toilet so we didn’t go out and buy a new potty but we would have if we thought that would help.
She still does wear a pull up to bed but since we gave up the bottle, we’ve had some dry mornings lately! After several attempts, a few failures, and near misses, Caillou learns to ask for the potty when he needs it and is rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and independence.

The DVD also comes with a watch that your child can wear that you can set to play a song at 15, 30 or 1 hour intervals.

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