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It’s no secret that we are a house of Stokke lovers so when we hear news of new products we cannot help but to get rather excited. They have also introduced coordinating style kits in colourful polka dots allowing you to change the look of your Scoot. The latest news from Stokke is the release of new colours for the newly updated Stokke Scoot. Spring 2015 sees us receiving the Stokke Scoot in Aqua Blue with subtle grey melange detailing on the canopy.
In this way a size 1 will fit even small newborn babies from 6lbs to 18lbs, and a size 2 will fit from 9lbs to potty training (40lbs).

The best bit, is that they have a 5% discount built in over buying the whole set.In 2010, Tots Bots produced this lovely update to the popular Bamboozle range.
This all contributes to a soft, absorbant nappy which fits beautifully even on tiny newborns, without compromising on performance. I was having a hard time getting size 2 Bamboozles to stretch aroudn him, but this is perfect & looks very comfy. They fit perfectly even on my 9lb son by folding them to make smaller using the poppers.The wraps are available in lovely designs and the nappy and wrap are not too bulky and are easy to put on. Our 23 month old has no leaks for 12+ hours overnight with a tots bots booster and both the tots bots and Motherease wraps.

On the downside they are more fiddly to put on than pocket nappies, especially on a wriggly toddler.
They also take a long time to dry, 48 hours on an airer inside but much quicker on a sunny day on the washing line.

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