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Designer Dogs a€” Australian Labradoodle What Is This?The Australian Labradoodle, also known as the "Aussiedoodle Dog" is a designer dog that is comprised of a special mixture of purebred breeds.
Have a lot of fun training and understanding your Labradoodle puppy and dog with these fun helpful tips! Labradoodle: Fun Training Your Labradoodle Puppy and Dog ePub (Adobe DRM) can be read on any device that can open ePub (Adobe DRM) files. Most Labradoodle puppies are friendly and playful, however they will be relating to you, and especially your children, as they have related to their littermates.
In the litter when puppies are trying to communicate with each other, they will posture themselves above each other, growl, bite and snarl at one another. Start your puppy in and around your home on a leash (this is a good way to start each day a€“ a 20 minute walk). When you arrive home after being gone and your puppy runs up to you, ignore puppy for 5 minutes, then call him to you on your terms. Always eat in front of your puppy, and then allow him to eat, once he sits calmly and patiently. Roll your puppy on his back and get him to relax with your hand over his throat and tummy. Teach your puppy to a€?drop ita€? with his toys and bones:A  Begin with a toy that is of minimal appeal and teach your dog to a€?givea€? the toy to you in trade for rewards (a yummy treat).
Give your puppy an abundance of chew toys to choose from and let him enjoy them for long periods of time (in the crate is good, or on the leash while youa€™re nearby). Puppies will match your level of excitement (and that of your children), so try lowering your energy level to a calm and relaxed place, and watch how your puppy will do the same. Only give affection when your puppy is calm and submissive, not when he is excited, fearful, anxious, etc.
I’ve been training multiple puppies for our families and let’s be honest this is very tough! Some families want their new pup to have a companion which I fully agree with however, you should know that Training time will be multiplied! You must make time with each pup separately and time working together so they can learn to focus on you in each other’s presence.
There are some specific steps that need to be taken in homes that have two puppies and implementing these tips now can help avoid behavioral issues down the road. One dilemma is deciding whether to keep the pups in one crate together when you go out or are sleeping, or to have separate crates for each. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is that the puppies need to be able to function independently of one another. They may depend more on each other and less on you for interesting activities and playtime. Multiply your training time by THREE.You must train each pup separately AND provide training sessions working them together so they learn to take turns and listen for commands directed at them specifically. Just because I had a brother doesn’t mean I knew how to get along with new kids on the school playground.
Living in the shadow of their sibling, they never have a chance to grow into the great dog they could have been. You will need to be alert to each pup’s strengths and weaknesses, their talents and interests and appreciate and cultivate the great dog they are meant to be. The pups should sleep separately, in separate crates and eat from separate bowls, no trading allowed!

They should attend separate training classes – or failing that, work on opposite sides of the room. They should go on separate outings, experience the world without the support of the other and learn to look to you for security and leadership. A common mistake is to let the puppies become a dog pack of its own that happens to reside in your house. Other steps that should be taken include making sure the puppies have separate food and water bowls so that resource guarding issues to not develop as they mature, and so you can control how much food each dog is eating. By implementing some of these steps as early as possible, you and your puppies can all have the best possible relationships while avoiding problems in the future. BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for your dog and if you use our link below you get ONE BOX FOR FREE No Gimmicks!! Puppy Shopping ListHere is a page of all our recommended products for every new puppy owner. Gold Star dog friendly training has helped thousands of loving owners train their puppies and dogs. If it had not been for Carol Mitchell and her help with dog training, I might not have survived my dog Quincy, a Labradoodle , who apparently will always be a puppy.  I have known Carol for nearly 30 years and all of that time she has loved dogs and lived with dogs. Dogs, how wonderful are they keeping us young, healthy and happy.  Teaching us how to communicate, love and have patience.
Although genetic factors do play an important role in behavioral development, how you handle, train, and control your new puppy is also critical in shaping their adult behavior. If your puppy does this with you or your children, you (the adult) need to teach him this is not appropriate puppy to human behavior. About feeding: Although ita€™s best not to bother a dog during meals, it is important that the dog understand that you control resources such as food and toys. After prompting with a treat the first few times, then hide the treat and only give it, once the toy has been released to you. Whatever state of mind puppy is in when he receives affection is the state of mind you are telling him you agree with. They like each other so much it’s difficult to create a bond between you and each individual puppy. It’s not healthy for your dog to be so bonded with its housemate that it becomes stressed if separated.
While finances and togetherness may make it seem like staying together all the time is a good idea, behaviorally it’s much better to have separate crates for each dog. If they are together at all times, puppies will likely wrestle and play almost constantly, which can lead to having two dogs who don’t know when “enough is enough.” By having separate quiet time in their crates, they will learn to relax during appropriate times.
Once the animals each understand the cues working alone with distractions, they can be worked in pairs, and eventually as a whole group together. It is important that the animals recognize their names and clearly understand cue discrimination, and the first challenge for the trainer is that your puppy understands that a cue is only for that individual puppy when his name is said before the command. Unless you make it a point to become the most important thing in their lives, they may become more important to each other than to you. This can lead to the dogs having too much of a relationship with each other and not enough of a relationship with the humans. Also, they should each have their own leash and collar which they’ll associate with going out on walks or practicing training.
I just signed up for the BarkBox subscription box and if you use my link you get a FREE BOX!!!!Dang.. Our professional trainers have had many years of experience teaching dogs and their people using gentle motivation, love and mutual respect.

Her communication with the dogs is incredible and her advice was specific for each of us and our different dogs..
Here are some tips to teach your puppy that you are the a€?pack leadera€? and how youa€™d like him to behave with you and your children. Once your pup reliably drops objects for rewards with each command, switch to intermittent food and praise reinforcement.
There will be twice as much poop to scoop, twice the food bill, vet bill, training bill, grooming bill. While it may seem that’s not a problem because they’ll pretty much always be together, in reality there will be times when they will need to be separated. Take turns providing separate car rides, separate trips to the park, separate rich socialization ops with people and other dogs, separate classes.
While you are at work, they spend the majority of every day with each other and only a tiny fragment with you. If the higher status pup is supicious of people, the lower status pup may believe there is something to fear.
By working with the dogs separately, you’ll have the opportunity to develop a relationship with each dog so they learn to respect you, respond to commands and become a part of the overall household pack, including the humans. Overall, every aspect of their lives should be treated as if they are individual dogs… which they are. I recommend Carol's training classes to all new dog owners, those who want to continue to  learn about being a dog owner and those who just want to have fun with their furry friends. Adult dogs that aren’t well-socialized, or that have a history of fighting with other dogs, may attempt to set limits with more aggressive behaviors, which could harm the puppy. It is essential that they learn to be comfortable being left behind and confident going out alone. If one is inclined to be a barker, and goes off at every little thing, it will trigger the other.
For this reason, a puppy shouldn’t be left unsupervised with an adult dog until you’re confident the puppy isn’t in any danger. These one-at-a-time outings will need to continue well beyond their first birthdays in order for them to establish a confident working relationship with you in each other’s absence. Oh Well…because if you use my link I also get a free month AND once you sign up you get your own referral link to share with your dog lover friends!
During the feeding, approach your dog once or twice, interrupt it with a a€?sita€? or a€?comea€? command, lift up the food bowl, put in a special food reward, and give it back to your dog.
It can also be helpful to place a small amount of food in your doga€™s bowl at feeding times and pick up the bowl and refill it a few times during feeding. BarkBox is a monthly Dog Lover Subscription box which includes toys, treats and fun goodies for the puppy in your life and believe me this will just save you time because you’ll be buying new treats and toys all the time anyway! Standard size: 50 a€” 77 pounds or 23 a€” 35kg Lifespan will vary depending on the size you choose.

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