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October 14, 2014 by Lyn 1 Comment “I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Pull-Ups. Potty Training my son has been one big, long, stressful and frustrating journey, since my son was 2 we have been trying to potty train him, failed, given up and started all over again.
Some of the things I have learned whilst potty training my son is that he will  learn when he is ready, all you can do is assist in the process, be patient, use Pull-Ups and be consistent.
I also started taking my son to the store and letting him pick out some treats, I by no means like to use bribery as an option but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. Pull-Ups come in many different sizes and have lots of cool characters such as Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Cars and more! Dylan will be 4 in December (which is why I usually refer to him as 4) and he is wearing the 4T – 5T Pull Ups, they are a perfect fit and he can easily take them on and off when he needs to go potty, just over the past week something amazing happened, he takes them off, every single time he needs to go potty now and I can safely say he is toilet trained! This inspired some lively conversation a€” much like my remark about how quinoa tastes like dirt-flavored oatmeal. Since so many people seemed to identify with my potty training woes, I decided I should go ahead and publish that book.
What I meant to say is that I have to go ahead with this book in an attempt to sell enough copies to recoup all the money we’ve wasted in diapers.
You can read more at Katya€™s blog, Katy in a Corner, and you can follow her on Twitter or Facebook. Hi, my name is Anna, and I'm here to share my stories, make you laugh and help you feel better about your crazy, messy, fabulous life. Can you write a chapter on the desperate “must be potty trained by pre-school” training crunch? The clincher for my boys was putting them in underwear in the summer (really, who wants that mess in their house). Too funny, I work with children and the worst is we’ve decided to potty train our 10 month old!!! I had this scare…my now 4 year old started potty training June 2012…he finally got the hang of it this past June! You have finally brought your dog home, its fun and exciting for everyone in the household but within a day of getting him home, your carpet is full of yellow and brown polka dots. However, just because some dog breeds are easy to train in comparison to others does not mean they are much intelligent than other breeds. This noble dog breed was created by Luis Dobermann who was a tax collector to provide him with security during his tax collection duties.
The Labrador retriever is one of the most recognizable breeds and it excels in almost everything.
It’s important to remember that all dogs get potty trained at some point in their lives if as the owner, you are consistent in your training.

Never, ever feel like you need to punish a child for going potty in the wrong place, it will only make them less willing to co-operate, children like to feel some sense of control. So, here is a short video to whet your appetite before the actual book hits a fancy bookseller near you.
I’ve been after Anna for years to write one and she just keeps giving her humor away for FREE! At one time I remember going through the whole “Momma pee pees in the potty, So does Daddy!
We spent most the summer traveling and didn’t want to make life more miserable by adding 3-year-old bladder troubles to the list. I have decided to start potty training my 15 month old after he took his diaper off too many times. I have two boys and they were so not interested in learning how to use the toilet like a normal person. Just one episode each of dancing on the porch trying to open the door while pee dribbled down their leg into their shoe was all it took. Well, they actually potty trained themselves to hold their infant over a germ-filled porcelain tub 10 hours a day. My son was 4 before he potty trained (and I swore I would NOT have a 4 year old in diapers!) Once we let him decide to potty train life was so much nicer for everyone.
Therefore, when buying a dog, you will need to get a dog breed that’s easy to potty train to avoid frustrations. Since they are small in nature, they tend to empty their bladders often making it difficult to potty train as fast as you would wish. The Doberman Pinscher is really great for search and rescue, and as a guide dog for the blind. Often, they are used as therapy dogs and seizure alert dogs as they are highly intelligent. Nanny uses the potty!” thing, and she went behind my back to check with Nanny to make SURE that she was a potty user. So, it looks like the fall, winter, and the next 3 years will be dedicated to potty training! If only time would stand still for a few years so I can write them without missing out on my babies! He started in June and was almost there…then he had the runs for a weekend and we (not wanting to waste undies) put him BACK in a diaper…worst idea ever!!
If you are really want to keep your newest companion, it’s important to potty train them so that you do not have to keep worrying about your carpets getting dirty. If done the right way, potty training can be a breeze and fun time for the easy to potty train dog breeds.

For instance, a slow learning breed may just be more stubborn or hard headed when it comes to training or lose interest more easily and thus takes longer to learn commands. He is easy to train, intelligent and a loyal guard who can do anything to make his owner happy. However, when in the family set up, this is the friendliest dog that takes instructions easily. They are loyal, have a friendly character and gentle though they will be fierce when there is intrusion. His friendly demeanor makes this dog a lively and favorite companion for the elderly and people who live in apartments. Naturally, males will mark the space they feel is their territory and this trait is commonly visible in dogs that are extremely difficult to potty train. This dog is always eager to learn tricks and it does well with people who have families and those who live alone as well. They are really easy to train one of the main reasons a lot of people use them as show dogs. It’s one of the easiest dogs to potty train and they can easily learns how to use a potty if trained consistently.
The deal is, you write, I come and take care of the house and kids for a cut in the profits.
Why don’t you and I start a societal trend where everyone wears diapers because we’re all just too busy to stop to pee? Can’t move up into the Kindergarten Prep class at school with all other kids his age.
As for our second, he gets a pretend dollar every time he uses the potty without being asked to go. Though it’s not a guard dog, it’s a watch dog that will always let you know when there are intruders. When we are out and about I carry PEZ in my purse and he gets one every time he goes (even if he is asked to). Honestly, he would be happy with just getting a high five because that is just the way he is-he does things just to make you happy!
However, schnauzers easily get bored and if left alone for long, they tend to cause destruction.

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