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The truth is that, those same parents will tell you that IF you follow a proven plan and consistenly encourage your child, potty training can be done both quickly and easily.
Carol was raised in a large extended family where potty training was considered a natural part of parenting, just like learning how to drink from a cup or blowing one’s nose.
There is no doubt about it that Potty Training in 3 Days by Carol Cline is among the best available resources for parents who want a potty training solution that guarantees results. The book is perfect for introducing your child to the idea of potty training in a fun and entertaining way.
There are 3 parts to the potty party: first you give your child a new doll and the 3 of you have a party(playing games, reading books, watching potty training videos).
The Potty Book for Girls and The Potty Book for Boys both by Alyssa Satin are among Amazon’s Top 20 Books for Kids. In the girls version of the book Alyssa tells the story of a little girls who needs to have her diapers change in order to go out and play. Then one day mommy and daddy bring home a big box and she is excited to find out what’s in the box. She then finds the potty chair, and from there on the story of how the little girl starts to learn how to use the potty is told through the help of fun and engaging images and text. The rhyming story together with the images makes it very easy for your child to memorize potty training routines. Once Upon a Potty is a book that comes in 2 versions, a version for girls and another one for boys. Thanks to the timeless words and advice Alona shares in her books, both of them are still discovered and widely used by the new generation of parents to help them toilet train their toddlers. The book tells the story of Prudence(girls version) and Joshua(boys version) on how they received their first potty and started learning how to use it successfully. Filled with fun, eye-catching illustrations and clear, age-appropriate language, Alona’s books engage children in a very efficient way, making potty training a whole lot easier for the parents.
Taro Gomi’s book is a very good resource to help parents explain potty training to their child.
Everyone Poops is a very entertaining book that illustrates how different kind of animals eat and poop.
If you’re an open-minded parent and want to include some humor in the potty training process, this is the ideal book to read to your child. But before I leave you with these valuable resources, there is just one favor I would like to ask you, it would mean the world to me. When it comes to potty training, whether it’s potty training boys or girls, trying to get a head start is not very beneficial, in fact it can be more likely that trying to toilet train your child before he or she shows readiness signs can make the process take longer than it normally would. The natural learning technique for toddlers is to imitate their parents, the same goes for toilet training your daughter. One of the most effective potty training tips, especially for girls is to take them underwear shopping. Girls also have a stronger desire then boys to stay clean and not wet their underwear, so it’s very common for a girl to tell her mommy if she needs to go right from the start. When it comes to potty training girls, a very important aspect is teaching your daughter how to properly wipe herself. Instruct your daughter to carefully wipe herself from front to back to prevent bringing germs from the rectum to the vagina or bladder. According to medical statistics, bladder infections while uncommon, are more likely to appear in girls who are in the process of being toilet trained. If you feel your daughter is in any of the situations above, the best thing to do is call her doctor and have her checked up. Very often, girls will easily learn how to use the potty for peeing but they’ll still want to poop in the diaper. Sometimes, the things you would never think to try are the ones that drive the best results.

Another fun method is to put some food coloring in the toilet and watch your daughter become amazed at how she is able to change the color of the water by peeing.
The ideal age to start potty training a girl is between 18 and 24 months, this is the period girls start to get a stronger desire to be clean, therefore showing more interest in the potty.
It’s common for older kids, girls aswell as boys to be afraid to release bodily fluids and solids.
Older girls can experience conflicts between wanting to be a baby and wanting to be a big girl, which can cause them to have fits and tantrums even over the most basic instructions. After our experience potty training Madeline I promised myself if I ever had to potty train another child I would totally let them hold the reins on their potty training experience. Somehow in the last month or so I did a total 180 and started scheming to get Delaney potty trained now, even though she had yet to say she was ready to be exclusive with underwear.
So we dove into a blend of the 3 Day Potty Training e-book and other tidbits from knowledgeable friends and internet searches.
Have you potty trained your kids in quick fashion or was your approach more of a slow and steady vibe? September 25, 2014 By Olfa Turki 4 Comments Sharing Is Caring281510000When you first get a dog or puppy, potty training feels as though it will take forever. The first thing to understand is that dogs are programmed to follow your lead where potty training is concerned. The first part of potty training that you have to get through your head is that potty training is far more about you than about the dog.
Keeping to this schedule and taking them out at intervals each day will easily teach your dog the process of potty training. This is much more than a simple book, the guide comes with a DVD, free reward charts and a FREE CONSULTATION with Carol herself. Leslie’s book features simple text, bright acrylic illustrations, and everyday situations that are scientifically proven to engage and influence toddler boys and girls. According to her, a potty party day is able to engage your child like no other potty training method. While doing all these activities you with the help of your child teach the doll how to use the potty. And the third and final part is about inviting everyone to the party, dad, brothers and sisters, grandparents so that they can all congratulate your child for potty training his doll.
It also goes into detail on how babies poop in a diaper, small children in a potty, and older children and adults use the toilet.
Ever since I potty trained my two boys, Daniel and Mark, I've been helping countless other parents do the same with their toddlers.
Teaching her how to use the potty is much easier if you start by encouraging copycat behavior. If this routine is to hard for her to grasp, teach her how to pat the area dry after she pees. This can be quite frustrating for the parents, but it is important to hide this frustration from your child. Girls are harder to train once they’ve reached reasoning age and begin to manipulate rewards. Personally I hope these tips will aid you in successfully training your little daughter on how to use the potty, and get rid of diapers for good. I planned to wait until our child straight up told me “yo, Mom what’s with these diapers you keep putting on me? Spending several days from beginning to end right at Delaney’s side shined a big bright light on how much I fill my days with things other than one-on-one time with her. As the mom to two young girls, Catherine spends a good deal of her time feeding her family, cleaning up after feeding her family and planning the next meal she will feed her family. Dogs don’t want to pee or poo in the house simply because they are taught that same thing from day one by their mothers.

Take her with you in the bathroom while you’re using the toilet and have a potty ready for her.
If you can find it consider buying toilet paper in pink or your daughter’s favorite color, this also helps getting her motivated to wipe.
Instead of that take some extra time to talk to your daughter and tell her how big girls poop, and that she is now a big girl too.
I let Delaney pick out underwear covered in Elmo and Frozen characters, bought some treats, cleared a few days on the calendar, and set a date to get this kid out of diapers. A friend and a Luke teamed up to take over school pick-up duties and I was totally free to focus completely on the plan we had in place. Or in our case the potty training version of a white flag; a flower patterned Honest Company Diaper. Here’s what my failed attempt at potty training Delaney in 3 (but really 6) days taught me. We run any number of errands, I clean, pay bills, and do all that stuff that needs done because it’s oh-so-important.
Sometimes my job is to direct my children as I see fit and sometimes my job is to see what direction would suit them the best.
With this in mind we’ll be doing a much gentler and slower approach when she is ready. When she isn't feeding people, cleaning, running errands or volunteering in her daughter's school, she enjoys running, reading, writing, and cooking for fun. Dogs are naturally going to go outside to use the bathroom if you manage to get them there at the right time.
At this point, telling her stories on how big girls pee and poop in the potty can be very helpful to spark her interest for the potty. It’s times like this when making a huge deal out of every success can do a lot of good to the training process. After all, anyone who’s done any reading online knows you can potty train your child in 3 days or less. We even had an additional 2 days built-in over the weekend and most of Monday before I would have to head out to get Madeline from school. But really in the last week nothing burned down, grew mold, or fell apart because I wasn’t right on top of it.
At this point taking a step back and letting her take the lead on her own potty training is the way to go for us. Fortunately, there are things you can do to get your dog potty trained quickly and efficiently. Make sure they eat at the same time each day and that you take them out at about the fifteen minute mark. Rushing your dog will distract them, stress them and generally mess up the potty training process.
I didn’t do any of those fancy potty train in 3 days plans with Maddy and Delaney is a totally different kid than Madeline, obviously this time would be totally different right? Instead, correct the behavior assertively but calmly and take the dog to the daily pee area. I knew the job would be tough, and trying but I didn’t really doubt that if we followed all the steps in place we would succeed in having a fully potty trained kiddo. Shortly into my tenure as a mom I realized motherhood - quite frankly - is a jungle and I was going to need to keep evolving to survive.
This routine will act as a reminder to them and they will naturally begin to go in the same areas most of the time.

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