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Not all kids are ready to ditch the diapers before their sibling arrives, but if your child is showing signs of readiness, then jump on it, mama.
We have both in my house, and my son always chooses the potty chair (unless he decides to wing it on the big toilet, no insert).
And while the insert is removable, it's more unwieldy than the toddler potty, so not as portable. September is a proponent of the insert, as it removes one transition her child will have to make. Angie's daughter ruled out the potty insert early on, so they chose a potty chair to start. The biggest advantage of these is their easy portability. If you go with the potty chair, there are two basic models to consider: the low-to-the-ground, single-piece potty and the two piece chair (larger) with a removable insert. For my son, the best potty of all is the low, but grown-up style potties they have at his preschool.
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As a newbie, I found this very informative and am bookmarking it to read again and also to keep abreast of new articles. Once the newborn arrives, you're going to have a lot less time to devote to the daunting task of potty training. The former are excited about being independent and "grown up," and the latter are thrilled about the prospect of losing the mess and cost of diapers. Vicki's family likes to go camping, and the insert wouldn't really work for these trips, whereas the potty chair is an easy thing to transport, and the "bathroom" can be wherever your child wants it to be. Her thinking is that the move from big potty with insert to regular potty without is easier than going from toddler potty to big potty.
Some moms question whether the toddler potty makes it more difficult for kids to transition to the big potty, with or without insert, later. Angie's daughter had no trouble transitioning to the big potty before age three.
Our babysitter mentioned early on that the two-piece potty often sticks to the child's bottom, especially in hot weather.
We started off on the potty, but at the same time I also made him sit on the big toilet with a step and a ring, so he can get used to the higher and bigger toilet.
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She held him on the seat for awhile each time until he got his bearings, and soon she got him a step stool and he was readily climbing up all by himself.

For this reason, we got the one-piece, and it's worked out perfectly (and is more portable).
He would use either one until he decided the potty is too low and he's now a 'big' boy who can use the big toilet! In other words, if I’m just in the mood for food I can change my news feed to just show me my foodie friends.
One way to make it easier on your child is to decide ahead of time whether you want him or her to learn on a toddler potty or a toilet insert, rather than experimenting as you go along.
The first time he sat on the potty was to poo and I was so excited (we were playing cricket outside and he ran for it himself, with me in tow!) it didn't even cross my mind that he will pee as well, needless to say we both went for a shower afterwards!
When we went out, I just held him on the big toilet when on the odd ocassion it was necessary to go (fortunately he didn't like using unfamiliar toilets, so it didn't happen that often). If your child doesn't express a preference, then go with the qualities that are most important to you.
The big breakdown tends to be ease of cleaning (toilet insert) versus portability (potty chair).

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