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First things first: Potty knowledge is potty power, so start your pupil off by imparting a little waste wisdom. When he turned two years old, my oldest son Aidan potty trained in 2 days without an issue.
We got him the potty books and videos, and tried to make a big party out of going to the potty, but he didn’t buy it. Given my track record with Dominic, I perhaps have no right to offer potty training advice, except maybe to suggest putting slipcovers on your sofa. 3) Help your toddler make the pee to potty connection: Watch for signs that he needs to go (squatting or sitting in the corner), then ask him “Do you need to go potty? 4) Dress for success: Make training easier by dressing her in stretchy pants that she can pull down herself. Potty-training is an essential process that every owner must go through with their Chihuahua. Although Chihuahuas can be successfully potty-trained at any age, it's recommended that you start as soon you bring them into your home, preferably when they are still a puppy. Before you start attempting to potty-train your Chihuahua, you'll need to pick up a few basic items first.
Note: This isn't an entire list of everything you need to own a Chihuahua, but rather a list of items that will come in handy when potty-training your Chihuahua.
One of the key factors to successfully potty-training your Chihuahua is letting them know when they do something bad.
Another little trick I've learned that helps to potty-train a Chihuahua is to always take them to the same place outside to do their business.
Some owners are under the impression that forcing a small Chihuahua to stay cooped up inside a crate is cruel and inhumane.
The reason why crates are such an effective potty-training tool is because you can confine them to it anytime you're unable to watch them. I have a Chihuahua that is a little bit over a year and we thought we had him potty trained and just this week he has started peeing and pooping everywhere in the house.
I have a three month old chi and besides a few accidents, he is getting the hang of going outside. I have a 4yr old n he has been real good in not peeing inside the house ??, until 8 months ago we decidef to get another Chi, my oldest tend to mark where the little peed, how can I break that habit.
Hello Rosie,please try enzyme cleaner to eliminate smells that humands cannot perceive but dogs can. I have a little chihuahua x dachshund girl who is lovely when in my house and poos and pees on her pad but when we travel she will always do it on the floor? I have a Chihuahua she keeps poking in the house I don’t know what to do I have tried telling her no and bad girl but its just not working what should I do?!
I have a rescue chi mix and we have trained him to go outside to do his business which is fine but I have injured my knee walking him and so have my husband. I have an 8 month old chi, he will go outside and go to the bathroom, but if he has to go, he will not wait for me to take him outside he will just go inside. I have a six month old chihuahua, I have tryed to potty train her outside, but I live in the north and some days we are minus 30 celcius and it is just too cold for her to be out. I have a 5 month old Chihuahua Ive had since she was 3 weeks old, bue to being rejected by her mother. Hey there, I just recently adopted a 3 month old Chihuahua full blooded and I also have a 2 year old Shih-Tzu who is Puppy pad trained. I adopted a Chihuahua mix from the shelter in September they think he is about 3 years old.
I dont know what to do anymore he seems to be more relaxed when not being crated, when I put him in a crate he refuses to come out, to eat, drink, pee or poop or even for human contact. ONE WEEK – For most children I have helped train at the end of 7 days of all cloth training with the full system they are having 50% success or more.
Kay Green is a Wife, Mother of 4, Nana to 4, Business Owner, Small Business Mentor, Potty Training Teacher, and New Mom Mentor.
Kelly Wels is a leading cloth diaper expert and advocate who has a passion for helping parents make informed decisions when it comes to how they diaper their babies. Cloth DiapersHow To Find Cloth Diaper Service In My Area - RomperAre cloth diapers more eco-friendly? Tips on getting kids outdoors in the Northeast from the Appalachian Mountain Club and AMC Outdoors, our member magazine.
I recently returned from a much-needed vacation on a beautiful island with sandy beaches, extensive bike trails, and the world’s best milkshakes. The stalls at the campground where we stayed were way too small for a parent and child to squeeze into, so I had to squat in the doorway while encouraging my 3-year-old to give the potty a try. I wished we had chosen a more wilderness-oriented camping trip, since our daughter doesn’t mind squatting in the bushes to pee. Neither my husband nor I was a happy camper the morning of the poop-filled footie pajamas, when we ended up taking a family shower together in order to get our girl clean. In the course of a few days, she was peeing in restaurant bathrooms and at the campground with only mild concern. If you’re navigating the early days of outdoor travel with your kids, you may find that what worked for me and my daughter doesn't work the same way for your family.
The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics offers seven principles to minimize impact on the natural environment when you’re out hiking or camping, including disposing of waste properly.
Blogger Alyssa Erickson (of The Kid Project) offers her tales and advice in When Potty Training Invades A Campsite. And Kathleen Meyer has written the classic book on the topic, How to Shit in the Woods: An Environmentally Sound Approach to a Lost Art. Great Kids, Great Outdoors is an Appalachian Mountain Club blog written by Heather Stephenson.
This post made me laugh out loud, remembering my own family's adventures in pooping (and peeing) anywhere.
When my kids were too little to comfortably sit on a grownup potty, we used to turn them around - so that they'd be facing the back of the potty, with their little bums on the narrower end of the seat. Getting your kids to carry a pack while hiking teaches them important skills, like thinking about what’s essential gear. I know that as his 4th birthday passed, he was still not trained, but at some point he decided he didn’t like the mess in his pants. We had a Baby Alive type doll with Dominic that would pee right into the potty.   After buying all sorts of fancy potty chairs for my older 3, my favorite potty chair is the no-frills one I have for Lydia. In summer weather, you can bring the potty chair outside and let your toddler run around bare bottomed. She has been interested in the potty chair for many months and she’s recently been going into the bathroom and going potty herself, but still not consistently. Unless you plan on keeping your furry four-legged friend in a fenced-in backyard (not recommended), you'll have to teach them to use the bathroom outside the house and not inside.

During the first 6-12 months of a Chihuahua's life, their brains are developing at a rapid pace; therefore, they will naturally catch on to routines and consistency. You're busy preparing their bed, making sure they have food and water, and you're probably playing them with, too. It's an inevitable part of owning any indoor dog, regardless of breed, so don't expect your Chihuahua to be any different. Chihuahuas have a keen sense of smell and will be able to tell where they've used the bathroom before. After all, how fun can it be to remain stuck inside a crate where you can barely move around? Instead of "hoping" your Chihuahua doesn't use the bathroom inside the house, you can rest assured knowing they are safely confined to their crate. I have 2 sister full bred Chihuahuas, now over 6 months old and still keep pooing in the house.
If I add any warm clear soup w a bit of rice or tomato sauce and a little pasta and olive oil to her food she is really really happy.
At first he was PERFECT and would not have any accidents in the house he slept where ever he wanted but now it’s so common and it happends too often.
Every time we put her on her pee pad she will sit there stubbornly for even an hour and as soon as she walks off will pee instantly on the carpet or floor.. The reason why your dog will not use the mat is because she is either feeling pressured or doesn’t want to go because she knows you want her to.
When I feel they are ready and I have a couple weeks to set aside for this, we set up Potty Party.
They may require using a timer and reminding to them to go in longer but that is worth it to me, rather than changing another 365 days of diapers. Kay owns My Precious Kid – Child Safety & Baby Gear Store in Hillsboro Oregon with over 1000 items. Just wanted to say that after reading this blog I tried this method with my 25-month-old and it worked great! Then the automatic flush went off early, scaring my already-uncomfortable kid so much that she would no longer sit. And when I brought her with me into a port-a-potty near a playground, she surprised me by saying she wanted to use it after me. Every kid is different, and even the same child can change dramatically over the course of a few months. There was the day, early in my schooling, when my father received a concerned call from my teacher. Her work has appeared in the Boston Globe, AAA Horizons, Travel + Leisure, and USA Today, among others. Try one of these simple potty-training activities: Together, each of you use a finger to draw an imaginary line from your mouth to your tummy to the parts of your body that excrete waste. Explain that everyone's body uses some of what it eats for energy to play, work, and grow, and it gets rid of the rest.
I had a new baby and sleep deprivation to attend to so I didn’t worry about her potty training.
Sears says in his “Baby Book” that when it comes to potty training, late is better than early.
Does she tell you when she’s wet or poopy, or does she start taking off her diaper when she’s soiled?
Unfortunately, however, Chihuahuas have a notorious reputation for being a breed that's difficult and downright stubborn to housebreak. You can use this to your advantage by instilling the basic potty-training commands in your Chihuahua's head. While all of this fine, you need to place potty-training at the top of your list of priorities.
Instead, stick with a strong verbal statement, letting them know that what they did is unacceptable.
After you see them peeing or pooping inside the house, tell them "No!" and walk them outside.
When they come across an area where they've already used the bathroom, they will notice the scent and assume it's okay to use the bathroom here again. The fact is, however, that a crate gives your Chihuahua their own personal space in which they can call home. Naturally, most Chihuahuas won't use the bathroom in the same crate where they sleep and rest. She only goes on the floor or carpet when she is mad at me or my family, as an act of rebellion. I have her on Orijen right now, the research I am finding is not to put these dogs on commercial food. For the past month, she has been using the potty all through the house, usually on an area rug or on the carpet. Our Chihuahua will use the puppy pad sometimes but most of the times she’ll go and pee on our rug in our living room.
Since you cannot take her outside you could buy a grass mat from the pet store ($20-$40) Which will make her feel outside because it has grass and it should work.
I am not really sure how it happened but do find I love the process of helping parents potty train their children. During this season we talk about going potty, read potty books, and watch potty videos every day.
She has been writing articles on child safety, parenting, building business, potty training and other unique subjects for the last 10 years. Also be sure to sign up for my Fluffy News Mailing List to stay updated on the latest cloth diaper news, coupons and sales, and information on special giveaways. Days 1-3 were really hard and I saw little improvement of acknowledgement of understanding, but on day 4 it clicked and we stopped having accidents. Meantime, the environmentally-friendly-but-oh-so-loud hand-dryer was blowing, another sound she finds frightening.
Somehow, we had thought that skill would transfer to all the other potties she would encounter on our trip. The first night at the campground, after showing amazing bladder control for hours, she woke in the middle of the night needing to pee, and was just fine when she and I and our headlamp were the only ones in the bathroom. She’s been writing about what to do and where to go in New England since her teenage daughter was a toddler. Or, each of you draw a picture of the food you ate today disappearing into your mouth and coming out the other end.
When she was nearly 3 she announced one day that she wasn’t going to wear diapers anymore and she didn’t. When they learn these principles at an early age, it will stay with them well into their adult years, making the potty-training process easier for the both of you.

As stated above, it's crucial that you begin teaching them the basics of where using the bathroom is acceptable and where it's not. Chihuahuas are quite emotional, and verbally telling them "no" while pointing at them is all it takes to get the message across. While you're walking them, say something along the lines of "go potty" or "go pee-pee," as this will help them associate the words with the actual behavior. You can begin walking your Chihuahua to other parts of the yard once they are older and fully potty-trained, but stick to a designated area during their early puppy years.
There's a certain sense of security they begin to feel and associate with their crate, and chances are they grow to enjoy being inside it.
He sleeps in a crate at night , so in the morning first thing we go out for a walk and he does his business outside, second we limit him on how much water he takes in, not to keep him from being thirsty, but after a certain time at night he gets no more water. They like the comfort of the house and I dont use pads as I dont agree with them and dont want it in my house. But if I try to reward him with freedom for doing all his business outside, he will go into a separate room and pee, even if it is only a tiny bit. We have a fenced backyard where he loves to go most times, he comes yells at us when he has to go out and I also walk him every night and he does his business.
We have successfully gotten her to potty on her pee pad several times but it has taken a lot of time hours and patience. It probably started when I successfully trained all 4 of my children before their 2nd birthday (including one with special needs). Instead, we had chosen a home base with a noisy shared restroom, and daily bike outings all over the island that would force us to rely on other facilities, the kind of catch-as-catch-can pit stops that we adults take for granted but we suddenly realized our child wasn’t quite ready for. Honestly, part of the difficulty was that in some places, we ran into people who weren't helpful, had forgotten or never cared what it was like to be a toddler just learning to how to go. Some of our favorite potty books: The Potty Book for Girls and The Potty Book for Boys by Alyssa Satin Capucilli, My Big Girl Potty and My Big Boy by Joanna Cole, and You Can Go to the Potty by William and Martha Sears. The truth is that practically any Chihuahua, no matter how old they are, can be potty-trained when it's done correctly and under the right circumstances.
As the owner of three Chihuahuas myself, I frequently find my Chis hiding in their crates even with they are allowed to roam the house free. This works in your favor, as it lets your Chihuahua develop the skills necessary to hold their pee until you take them outside.
I have a german shepherd who is great and I am finding it so frustrating as I am out of options and so are my vets advise. I am going to incorporate sweet potatoe and zuchhini with the Orijen and other things that she can eat grain free. I am about to have a baby, and I won’t be able to spend all my time watching my chi when the baby gets here. When we are not home she is confind to the hallway and bathroom, but when I am home she is loose in the house.
Other than that maybe you and your dog have to zip up in cozy jackets and take a 10 minute potty break outside. When they are staying dry consistently then lengthen the timer to 60 minutes, and then 90 minutes. He has directed the New Hampshire Conservation Corps and is currently the Director of Parks and Recreation in Wolfeboro, N.H. When they are good and use the bathroom outside, give them a milk bone treat along with lots of petting and praise as a reward for their good behavior.
I take him outside regularly so he can play and run and he relates this to bathroom time also. We’ve tried feeding him earlier, shampooing the rug to get rid of the scent, and even taken him out frequently and praising him when he pees!
This confines his potty space, which has helped because his scent is concentrated and he cannot run around finding leaves to eat!
I dont see why it is acceptable because they are small As if it was my german shepherd doing that in the house she would be gone. I’m trying to teach him that it is unacceptable to go in the house!I also crate him during the day when no one is home! I simply took the time and energy to teach my children toilet skills in the same way I taught them to eat with silverware.
I simply remove the diaper and sit them on the potty when they wake, before nap, after each meal, and before bed. And then when that is success I move to sending them to the bathroom when waking, before meals, snack, activity and leaving the house.
Both Aidan and Claire slept in nighttime pull-ups until they were dry in the morning, then we got rid of them. Attachment advice ranges from “don’t do anything; it’ll eventually happen naturally” to creating a big potty plan complete with games and potty parties.
A jelly bean?” One reward that did work: We made a 7-day chart with the first 6 days blank. Treats go a long ways when it comes to potty-training and obedience training, so use them to your advantage. He still has accidents but I’m hoping he will start barking or ringing the bell on the door to notify me when he has to go!
If accidents start occurring simply go back to the timer for a week or so until the accidents stop. You show the child that there are only 10 diapers left, and then you count down as they disappear.
I have found that by 30 days most girls can fully self control themselves, going before they need to. His latest book for AMC is Outdoors with Kids Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont: 75 of the Best Family Hiking, Camping, and Paddling Trips (co-written with Yemaya St.
This is because I can let her out and after I let her back in within a half hour she pees several large puddles and poops on my floors. You must have a designated pee pad area…away from their food, but close to where they sleep.
And I make no apologies about the fact that my system is parent led rather than child led. I trained my children this way and have helped dozens of mothers train their children the same way.

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