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Some people like to travel by train because ?it combines the slowness of a car with the cramped public exposure of ?an airplane.

Somewhere between 18 months and two years old he became totally enthralled with going potty.
Each night before bath time, Daddy would sit him on the toilet and offer for him to go pee pee, and if Daddy noticed he was pee peeing the tub he’d take him out and sit him on the potty. Then one day, Samuel just totally lost interest all together and insisted on going in his diaper (even though no one was forcing him or encouraging him otherwise).
For about a week, when Daddy would change Samuel’s diaper he would insist on changing it himself.
The first few weeks I felt like we were going potty every 15 minutes, but with time, he’s gotten into a groove and seems to have his bowels under total control of the Samuel will power. I still put pull ups on over his big boy underwear when we go out to run errands and when he’s sleeping.
Knowing my tough-to-spell last name would give him fits, I said, “Just put down Sergeant Gary, as my last name is too hard.”The next day, I received a letter addressed to Sgt. Exasperated one day, Daddy said, “Samuel, if you want to change your own diaper, then you need to be a big boy and start putting your business in the big boy potty.

So when it came time to apply for colleges, she Googled “Western universities.” And that’s how she ended up here, at Western Carolina University.
If he did happen to ask to put his poo poo in the potty, he would insist on us hugging him and holding him.
There was only one major pee pee accident in the middle of our train table, but everything else was in the potty.
It was common nature for us to just chat about pee pee and poo poo and if he showed any interest, we let him sit on the potty.
His foot was up on the side of the bathtub, and he was running the razor up and down his leg.

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