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As if the declining health of my grandmother weren’t enough, my parents suddenly had to contend with an ant infestation. I was working in Army security when a VIP from another base called to ask to whom he should address an important letter.
A military base commander called to complain that the weather-forecasting software our company created for them kept reporting unexplainable wind shifts. For serving as flower girl for her aunt, three-year-old Sydney received a doll and bridal-themed gifts.

When I spotted a Navy captain on the street, I saluted and bellowed, “LST 395,” which was the designation and number of the ship I served on during World War II.
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Knowing my tough-to-spell last name would give him fits, I said, “Just put down Sergeant Gary, as my last name is too hard.”The next day, I received a letter addressed to Sgt. So when it came time to apply for colleges, she Googled “Western universities.” And that’s how she ended up here, at Western Carolina University.

His foot was up on the side of the bathtub, and he was running the razor up and down his leg.

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