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From the day that your baby is born until the day that they have finished potty training, your little one’s bum is susceptible to diaper rash. Diaper rash is usually caused by the contents of a soiled diaper making contact with the baby’s skin.
It is a common misconception that diaper rash only occurs if the diaper has been left on too long.
A diaper rash may also be caused by the type of food that the baby eats. Certain foods may irritate the baby’s skin in the soiled diaper more than others. Some babies are genetically inclined to get diaper rash and may suffer from it more frequently than others.
For new moms, it is good to be aware of what causes a diaper rash so that you are not surprised the first time you see it.  Newborn poop,  the greenish-black tar-like stuff — is called meconium and easily irritates delicate newborn skin. Diaper rash in early infant hood is extremely common and not something to get too stressed out about.
Chronic diaper rash can occur because the diaper rash treatment being used is not getting the job done. It is  good to look for an all natural diaper rash cream that contains the ingredient, zinc oxide. Our Baby Butz diaper rash cream is an all natural diaper rash cream that contains a large percentage of zinc oxide proven to speed up the healing process. If your baby suffers from chronic diaper rash it is a good idea to be pro-active rather than re-active…meaning that it is best to apply a protective diaper rash cream at every diaper change as a preventative measure, including before bed time, naps or long car rides instead of only applying a diaper rash cream when your child has a rash. When the proper diaper rash treatment is applied, the rash should clear within a twenty four hours. Diaper rash creams containing a high percentage of zinc oxide in combination with natural ingredients is the best and safest way to heal diaper rash.
Organic products containing oils are sometimes suggested, but these will wipe off easily when you put the diaper back on. If treated properly a diaper rash can be healed quickly.   Diaper rashes are a normal for diaper wearing babies to get, however, if it doesn’t go away in a reasonable amount of time, it may not be a diaper rash, so you may want to have it checked by your doctor if the rash persists.
In conclusion, the best diaper rash treatment for mild to severe diaper rash is to use a natural product that contains zinc oxide.  A great cream like Baby Butz will stick to the skin and protect it, healing the rash up fast. If your child has recently become prone to diaper rashes and nothing seems to work to treat it, the problem may be teething!
Once you figure out that teething is the problem the best thing that you can do is help make your child comfortable and treat the rash normally. Make sure that you quick to treat and soothe the irritated area so it doesn’t cause your child any pain.
If your baby appears to be experiencing any one of these ailments there are still things that you can do in your home to help them feel more comfortable.
This is the old fashioned way to treat Diaper Rashes and Yeast Infections, letting your infant or toddler go diaper free until the rash improves. Even if you have ruled out a diaper rash, there is really no harm in continuing to apply zinc containing diaper rash cream to the rash area. If you are wary about getting a doctor prescribed anti-fungal medication right off the bat, there are a few tried and true anti-fungus remedies that may work.
Coconut oil, backing soda and diluted vinegar, as well as some anti-fungal herbs have been known to be affective for treating mild yeast infections. Brandie Peters, is a full-time blogger and stay at home mom who resides in Medicine Hat Alberta, Canada.
At the first sign of red irritation or soreness on the bum, parents instantly go for the Baby Butz cream assuming that it is merely a simple diaper rash. Like we mentioned before redness on your babies’ bottom could also be a symptom of allergies or yeast infections. If you are a new or first time mom all of this talk about diaper rashes, allergies and yeast infection may be a little bit off-putting. Whether you have chosen to use cloth or disposable diapers a diaper cream containing zinc should be the only product that you use to heal your little one’s diaper rash. Some cloth diaper manufactures have gone as far as to suggest that parents use organic oils or baby lotions to help soothe diaper rashes instead of using zinc containing bum creams.

While, natural diaper rash creams containing zinc create a moisture barrier for the skin while also allowing the skin to absorb the zinc mineral which has proven healing properties. It is important to note that zinc is a naturally occurring mineral that is found in all of our bodies. View DetailsChild Kids Toddler Girls Cartoon Cat Head Long Sleeve Dress Spring Clothes 2-7Y. After trying different types of diaper cream, vaseline, anti-fungal and hydrocortisone cream my daughter had an awful rash that was bleeding with no relief.
We tried numerous creams to no avail as they all came off as soon as he wet his diaper, but this cream remained on and protected his new sensitive skin. For this reason many new moms ask “what is the best diaper rash treatment to use?”  There are many diaper rash treatments available on the market, some more effective than others. It is important to know that diaper rash is not really a rash,  it’s closer to a chemical burn caused by urine and feces.
If your baby has chronic (re-occurring) diaper rash, it may be because they have extremely sensitive skin. The diaper rash may go away and come back many times if the treatment being used is not effective.
It may surprise you to hear, but there are many well known diaper rash creams on the market that contain ingredients that can actually further irritate the rash especially if the baby has extremely sensitive skin.
Zinc contains antioxidant properties that are good for the skin and clears up the irritation.
Nobody knows why this happens but when babies’ teeth come in they tend to drool more, leading to bouts of diarrhea. You may also want to use a diaper rash cream like Baby Butz as a preventative while your child is teething to help prevent the rash from occurring. Even when you take all of the recommended precautions your little one can still develop common skin irritations such as diaper rashes, yeast infections, and allergic reactions. Okay- obviously you are going to have to be prepared to clean up any accidents that may happen. Yeast infections DO NOT respond to diaper rash cream because they are caused by the overgrowth of yeast bacteria. Because yeast can become resistant to over the counter treatments it may be a good idea to try these natural remedies first and see if they work.
100% natural live culture yogurt applied to the irritated area will also help soothe and relieve the symptoms.
However, if after a few days of applying the cream and the rash does clear up then it may be something more serious. Occasionally, babies can be allergic to the chemicals that are used to manufacture regular disposable diapers. The good news is that these are all common skin conditions that can affect babies’ and can be easily treated with Baby Butz cream or doctor prescription if need be.
There is currently a rumor going around that zinc, can ruin the fabric of your expensive cloth diapers. This is an absolutely horrible idea because diaper rashes are caused by moisture these oils actually add additional moisture.
However, it is important that cloth-diapering parents know all of the facts before choosing to boycott zinc containing diaper creams like Baby Butz. Visit or testimonials page for fantastic reviews that have been written by moms just like you verifying the brilliant healing capabilities of Baby Butz diaper rash cream. She is a self-described baby wrangling; wifey badger who enjoys walks with her rescue dog Aspen and taking care of her son Jackson who is now 16months old. Since then, thousands of toddler moms have arrived at this page searching for the keywords potty-training a 21-month old. For parents who are concerned about the ingredients in their baby products and use only natural baby products finding a good diaper rash treatment can be a difficult task.
Avoid diaper rash creams that contain alcohol, chemicals and perfume as they will certainly make the diaper rash worse. However, the natural healing ingredients that are contained within Baby Butz diaper cream are still fantastic for soothing the skin. This is why we recommend that moms, who are concerned about irritation on their babies’ bottom make a doctor’s appointment if the rash does not clear up within one or two days of using Baby Butz cream. This is absolutely untrue, in some situations the zinc contained within regular diaper rash creams has been seen to fade or stain cloth diapers. No!” These products do not allow the skin to breathe and heal which is an essential part of the recovery process for a diaper rash. One of the down sides to cloth diapering is that the fabrics are not nearly as absorbent as disposables, placing your baby at a higher risk for developing a painful diaper rash!
In today’s article we are going to talk about the best process for treating diaper rash and why a cream containing zinc oxide in a base of natural ingredients is the best choice. Many caregivers feel guilty when they are changing the diaper and they see the telling red irritation.

If you use Baby Butz cream and the diaper rash does not clear up within a 24 hour period you may want to consider making an appointment with your Pediatrician. Unfortunately, when an infant’s stools become wetter because of teething they become increasingly more likely to develop a diaper rash. Most of the time however, once you have identified the cause of the problem it can be treated naturally at home. Regular diaper rashes are fairly common and normal, but are painful and must be treated quickly to prevent further irritations.  Other conditions such as allergies or yeast infections may initially resemble a diaper rash but will not clear up with the application of Baby Butz cream is why it is very important for parents to monitor the rash after they have applied the diaper cream to make sure that it is actually healing. In some instances food allergies will make an appearance in the form of a rash so do not rule out this as a possibility either. Just do your best to keep your infant or toddler comfortable by frequently changing their diaper and applying Baby Butz cream. For this reason don’t be surprised if your baby suddenly get a diaper rash while they are cutting new teeth.
Diaper rashes, are easy to treat because all you need to do is apply an zinc containing diaper rash cream like Baby Butz, and the rash will usually disappear within a few days.
Not to mention it is a bit illogical that parents would be more concerned about bits of fabric than the well being of their infant?
In some cases they will even inject the patient with zinc to help jumpstart the natural healing process.
Even if it does discolour or change the fabric over time, it is still the only proven way to heal a diaper rash effectively. Yeast infections, which are a bit more serious, need to be treated with an antibiotic ointment that will have to be prescribed. Because a diaper rash is similar to a chemical burn, caused by moisture and urine contacting the skin, zinc is the most logical natural substance to treat it!
Natural diaper rash creams with high percentage of zinc oxide will clear up the rash faster than diaper rash creams with a smaller percentage of zinc oxide.
An allergic reaction that is accompanied by a red rash may take some time to find the cause of because there are so many factors that need to be taken into account. When she climbs up to stool in front of the sink, she must still hoist herself up, placing her whole torso on the rim of the sink to reach the faucets. To keep her clean and dry in a public restroom, I will have to hold her up the whole time, which can be a strain.Hmm. I am not really liberated from anything, and in fact, I have to be even more attentive to her potty needs than before.So why did we do it? I believe she really was intrinsically motivated and that we were just reminding her that she can pee in the potty and hold it when she’s not in the bathroom.Girls versus boys?
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