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Another tip for keeping potty training fun is buying a set of Tinkle Targets for your boys! And last but to least, we absolutely adore the book Potty Training in a Weekend and highly, highly recommend it!
Potty Train in a Weekend is the only guide that you will ever need to potty train your child. It’s definitely worth the money in hopes of being able to potty train your child in 3 DAYS! Since we only like realistic around here, so we thought we’d make you an awesome round up with 10 awesome potty training posts that actually work! This article gives age-specific things to look for, straight from an Occupational Therapist Mom.

Add these encouragement phrases to your repertoire as you strive to motivate your potty-training kiddo!
This is a mom comparing her real-life experience with potty training a son, and a daughter. Whatever method you choose, this eBook has more than 70 pages packed full of information that will be helpful to you and your child! I think this often gets lost in the shuffle and stress of potty training, but it is an important habit to establish, to help promote urinary tract health throughout life! Constipation often causes major problems in potty training, so being proactive is a good way to prevent running into this problem! For most of us, those days are long gone due to terrifically patient parents and potty training tricks.

Now the tables have turned and maybe it's your turn to introduce a child into the wonderful world of toilets but where to start? Stop the kiddies from overusing sheets of toilet paper with a helpful line that they cannot pass when tearing the sheets.via The Virtuous Wife4.
To get the process going, check out these 12 tricks that will help your toddler level up their potty game.

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