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Joining the ranks of weekend nannies, sleep consultants and baby nurses is the latest in outsourced parenting: the potty trainer. NYC Potty Training Inc., believed to be the citya€™s first professional potty-training service, just launched late last month.
She has spent more than a decade as an applied behavioral analysis teacher for children with special needs, and potty training was one of her specialties, often being completed in just a few short days. Working with typically developing children a€“ something she was being asked to do on the side by parents who saw her work her magic on other peoplea€™s kids a€“ she said the process can be completed in as little as one day.
This was the case for Molly Goldberg, a working mom of two from Roslyn, New York, who needed to get her 3-year-old Sam potty trained for camp, stat. Allen, Goldberg said, a€?came prepareda€? with all sorts of toys and activities to coax Sam to the toilet and keep him amused as they gave him water and juice and even his pizza lunch while they sat and waited. Therea€™s also a feeling among some parents that this is a job thata€™s a parenta€™s alone. New York City potty trainer Samantha Allen uses routine and positive reinforcement to successfully potty train toddlers.
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My 9-year-old daughter recently managed to drop one of her socks in the toilet while simultaneously removing them from her feet and going to the bathroom. I was particularly relieved because the last time I was making small talk with the plumber while he unclogged our toilet he exclaimed, "Wow! And I was feeling especially vulnerable to this kind of backward compliment because I was about to turn 45 and had just discovered that my 20-year journalism school reunion — not high school or college, but graduate school — was arriving in a couple of weeks. I suspected that I was already experiencing a sort of mid-life crisis, suffering from a depression that I guessed might have to do, at least in part, with the hormone shifts of early menopause. I also noticed that my neck had started to slacken over the past few months and that by pulling up the skin around my cheeks in a poor woman's pantomime of a face-lift, I could shed years from my appearance. I can no longer read my iPhone without the aid of my glasses, the prescription for which I recently had to boost. Though his remark was good natured, it also touched a particularly tender nerve, because my blogging over the past several years has served as a lifeline — a reminder that I still have intellectual skills I can exercise in the world — even though my approach, more often than not, has been tongue-in-cheek.
Instead, 15 years later, I am writing about toilet training and tantrums with the hope that my narratives about the unrelenting nature of motherhood will find an empathetic audience.
I would kill for my first newspaper job, covering local politics for an 8,000-circulation paper in Manassas, Virginia. After years of reporting for the New York Daily News, one classmate has just extended his contract with NY1.
I have to admit that while I am genuinely happy for my former classmates and impressed by their accomplishments, I have also often felt demoralized by them. In this state of diminishing self-esteem — bleary from being up all night with our twins when they were babies or dousing the flames of their resentment at our introducing a third child into the family — I have found it hard to congratulate myself on my own hard work. The grimy reality of parenting day in and day out with no paycheck and often little more reward than slender arms hugging me at bedtime sometimes just doesn't feel like enough.

During my bouts of self-doubt, I remember that when I became a mom, I was lucky enough to be able to make parenting my ultimate priority.
I remind myself that success assumes many forms and that life has many chapters — and that perhaps I will soon begin to write my next one. Some features of this website (and others) may not work correctly with Internet Explorer 8 and below.
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NYCAviation was on hand in Mobile, Alabama earlier this week for the first delivery of an A320 Family aircraft assembled in the United States. Early Monday morning, Alaska Airlines announced its intention to buy Virgin America in a cash purchase totaling $2.6 billion USD. With everything from books to videos to the ipotty to sticker charts and rewards systems, therea€™s no shortage of so-called experts weighing in on the best way to get this messy job done. Allen may have only recently incorporated her business, but shea€™s not new to other peoples' kidsa€™ poop. Thata€™s music to the ears of parents whose children are about to head off to camp this summer or school come September and have either no time or no desire to potty train their kids themselves. She admitted to a€?not having a lot of patiencea€? and being a€?frustrateda€? with the potty-training process.
From then on, when Allen and Goldberg took him to the potty every 30 minutes, he was much less apprehensive.
A nonscientific survey conducted for ABC News by parenting website BabyCenter found just 13 percent of nearly 1,700 respondents would pay for a similar service.

So I spotted the floater and fished it out with a plastic bag wrapped around my hand, before this unsavory situation became a calamity.
And my youngest child will start full-time school in the fall, while I still have no career to speak of, after spending nine years as a stay-at-home mother of three. And on my rational days, I tell myself that every time I compose a coherent piece of writing, that effort in and of itself is a success, regardless of where it ends up in the blogosphere. As a newspaper reporter for several suburban dailies, I used to fantasize about investigating heroin epidemics and sex-trafficking rings for The Atlantic Monthly or The New York Times. And now I face the prospect of joining other Columbia Journalism School graduates at our 20-year reunion, where I will hear about their latest book deals and cover stories. Which is why I have continued to write, even if mostly for myself and mostly about my "beat" of the moment, the slice-of-life parenting material at hand.
Although raising three kids has proven rocky at times, on some fundamental level, I do know that my husband and I are succeeding at creating a safe and loving home. Thanks to the lessons learned from that tragedy, windshear warning and avoidance has become an integral part of aviation safety management.
However, many airports have made large investments to meet the ever increasing demand for air travel.
Then she became less stringent, and Sam started telling her when he has to go, even when he was swimming at a pool party just a few days after his session with Allen.
Another has had a long tenure at People and just shadow-wrote a book for Teresa Guidice, one of the most volatile Real Housewives on Bravo TV — practically the only channel that, in my degraded state, I now watch. And while my career may seem at a standstill, my children have enriched my life and deepened my capacity for empathy in ways no other kind of job ever could.
And Allen is in the process of hiring and training a team of potty trainers who will be less expensive than Allen herself. The hips and ankles are immobilized and because most of the force is relegated to the quads, the effect of the posterior musculature is minimized with the glutes effectively shut off.  Not good.
Reporter: While Samantha doesn't guarantee she can potty train every child, her success rate speaks for itself. It's easy to criticize and judges but there are a lot of different reasons why somebody might do this. They're not able to be there so they need to pass it off to somebody else and you have some parents who are at their wits and out of ideas and so they don't lose their minds. I do believe when we go through challenges with our children we bond with them and they're able to trust us and they know that we're the ones to go to when things get challenging not just when they're little but when they get bigger so important 0 lay the groundwork for homework difficulty, dating difficulty, whatever so that's really helpful. But we know that some parents just don't have the time and they need to pass it off to somebody else.

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