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Three real-life sisters sharing their kids' antics, milestones and adventures through this crazy journey called motherhood. I did everything horrible to try to get him to train and made every mistake in the book- I made him clean up his messes, I shamed him, I even punished him by sending him to his room.
My one son refused to poop in the potty, so by early evening, we were forced to put a diaper on him and within minutes, he did his business. Apparently I will have to go to college to both nurse her to sleep (yes, that's right) and change her diaper.
While I was potty training my son (which I can say I still am really) I looked into the minefield of potty training books. I guess the only thing that I'd add that helped us was I enlisted the help of the everpowerful siblings (this of course doesn't work with child #1).
You know with all the people out there who make sure they let me know that their children were positively all potty trained before age two, I'm so glad to hear that there are also many who are where I am. Personally I think one of the biggest frustrations about potty training is just the fact that we can't control it. I have been feeling like The Worst Mother because I am getting so impatient with my almost four year old. I know all the things I'm supposed to do, but the third time I cleaned up a giant pool of urine today I thought I would lose it (and yes, this was about five minutes after another fruitless try on the potty).
I've had a day of 'No!' and 'Mummy, fix it' and 'I've done wee-wees' as I've mopped up another puddle off the floor despite my son having just sat on the potty and successfully filled it. If all advice began with that, mothers across the world would realise they are not the ones who are failing - it's about survival and minimising puddles if possible. While pregnant with my third, I realized I did not want two in diapers (again) and embarked on a year long potty training expedition. Our four-year-old son will use the potty for pee pee when we are at home and sometimes in public, but only once has he used it for poopy. I tried several things with my son from treats to stickers but what worked for him was a paper trophy with Diego on it. Good luck to everyone working on this at the moment - stay calm and be sure that it will happen eventually. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Jack would act happy to sit on the potty to try and as soon as he got up he would run to another room and pee on the floor.
Our reader Becky was so wise (she's trained 3 boys)- get rid of the pullups, stay home and let them run around without clothes on. Picking out special underwear and a bottle of kid's smelly handwashing soap also created some potty buzz. We have never pushed, we are very, very relaxed parents, but this is her thing and she will just never give it up.
My daughter is about two months shy of three and she gets only certain parts of the potty thing. The child is the one who makes it happen, their in the driver's seat, and I think many of us parents wish we could just turn on the switch and make it happen. I would love to say that my efforts paid off but really it all ended when my then 3 year old purposefully, I mean squatted on top of and peed on her precious "Green" blanket.

SHE WON'T KEEP HER DIAPER ON FOR NOTHING I ASK HER IF SHE HAS TO GO POTTY AND NOW SHE SAYS I HAVE TO GO GO ALL THE TIME. We cleared a week - no playgroup, daycare or scheduled outings (I know this is really, really hard for a lot of people).
There have been a couple of accidents, usually if we are doing something exciting, so I try and remind him to use the bathroom before we go out or if I realise it has been a while.
I've shared my experience here in case it helps anyone, but to be honest I think it's mostly good luck when children learn quickly - they all seem to get the hang of it in their own time. Organic cotton inner, snap-in insert and PUL in the wet zone make this a one-of-a-kind option for your child.
Using cloth diapers saves money, but we understand that getting your initial cloth diaper stash can be hard when you are short on cash.
If you do not finish paying for your order within 90 days you can apply any amount you have paid as store credit or you will receive a refund of current paid amount less a 25% restocking fee. He showed interest much earlier but I either "missed the window" because I wasn't ready for the hassle of potty training, or he wasn't as ready as I thought when we started trying. My favorite was when he would hold it until we got to the park, climb to the top of the jungle gym and and look at me while he pooped. I was determined to not repeat the Jack debacle (especially with this stronger personality) so I acted very cool and laidback. I'm hoping my other sisters will come to my rescue, especially the one who is currently successfully training her almost 2 year old boy.
They never seemed to work for us but it might be the particular personalities we are working with. Buy books about the potty, read books to your kids while they try, save special books for kids to look at during potty times. I just hoped that eventually, he would sit long enough while peeing, and the other would "slip" out thus ending the fear of knowingly doing it in the potty.
She loves washing hands, using toilet paper, taking off her pants and her diaper all by herself, and especially putting stickers on her potty chart on the wall.
I can't give advice from where I'm standing, but I think that once I learn to control my urge to control the situation I will probably have more luck. But he go in his underwear and then clean up the poops in his underwear and put new ones on. Day 1 we went to Kmart and my son (then 2 years and 4 months) chose his own potty and undies.
He used the potty for a couple of months, and then transitioned to a small insert toilet seat.
I guess when we all stopped making a big fuss about it he eventually learned it on his own. In rare cases a manufacturer may change or discontinue a product during the payment period. Lucy picked it out and promptly decided it will never work after we got home from the store. Follow the "so what" advice of this smart lady with those around you who are giving you the Judgey Joanna eyes. You can always consult your pediatrician if the questions are multiplying in your parent mind.

She pretty much enjoys everything not pertaining to sitting on the potty and hasn't progressed past anything besides just sitting on it either. Our saying about our stubborn second child is that if it is not her idea then it is not a good one. EXPOSURE TO ANOTHER CHILD POTTY TRAINING - 2 year olds are VERY curious creatures & watching another child potty training is a powerful way to create enthusiasm. And they're SO expensive), gave him lots of drinks and waited for him to learn about cause and effect.
The number of washes required to properly prep the diaper depends on the type of washer and detergent, as well as the hardness of the water. If this happens and the product or a reasonable substitute (such as a different color) is not available then a refund will be issued. The preschool teachers reminded me of this very thing last week when I was stressing about Lucy.
I thought originally that it was because the potty chair that we had was uncomfortable because she would stand up and rub her leg like it was hurting, so we bought a new chair with a cushy seat, but she sits on that one even less than she did the first one (not that that was much).
He would talk to him and I would talk back in a "diego" voice and tell him was a super hero for being a big boy pottying in the potty. I played it cool until a hair past 3 and when I finally asked him if he was ready he said, "No mom, but I'll try." We did (after consuming about 20 dum dum lollipops) and he wasn't. There is no required time or age, it is just some crazy expectation we like to put on ourselves as parents.
That's why I think it helps to teach little boys to sit at first so they can take care of both issues without getting confused.
I'm getting ready to try the much tabooed candy rewards because I need to find something that will push her towards wanting to make progress. But when he had an accident I would take Diego off of the toilet and out of site until he got back on track. We basically stayed close to home for 4 days, or went places like the park and the beach where accidents weren't a disaster.
If there is only a small accident, the insert may be replaced and the rest of the pant reused.
Well, my husband and I took our own, VERY HARD, advice & took the diapers off, dealt with some accidents that weekend, and he was potty trained by the end of the week. At first he found it easier to be naked - it seemed like when he had NOTHING on he knew he couldn't wee, but maybe wearing undies felt like a nappy, so it was good to be at home (and, we are very lucky - our place has tiles and floorboards). She wasn't crazy about the idea and did a tiny bit of testing to see if it was really true and has done well since. No matter how you "try" to potty train EVENTUALLY they will get it, you just have to hang in there! You can do print out of Diego characters on the computer and put it on thicker paper or cardboard and fix a stand so he will stand up.
Potty training shouldn't be difficult, we as parents make it difficult because we don't know what to do.

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