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I really don't want to get into too much detail here, because even a two-year-old deserves some modicum of privacy when it comes to their lives (says the mom who blogged every milestone monthly for two years). If your child isn't fully trained three months before a major life event (new baby, new house, etc.) don't bother attempting after that three-month-prior cutoff. If a window of opportunity arises, and the timing works for you, grab it - the attention span of a toddler is fleeting, and if you don't take advantage, it may be another six months before they show an interest again. It works best if you can dedicate an entire block of time - three or four days - to focus only on this experience.
A final duh: it's okay to start, see that you or the child isn't quite as ready as you thought, and go back to diapers.
As build-up to training, well before we actually began the process, we started laying the groundwork.
Because of the three month window that they had taught us about at the seminar, I knew that it would be best if she was potty trained by mid-September, or I likely wouldn't be able to do it successfully until after the new baby came. I am by NO MEANS an expert - so I'm just writing about what I found helpful at the beginning of this process.
I went to a potty-training seminar offered by our local Children's Hospital a few months ago (watch for free at the link).
The regression is inevitable (the doctor said something like 90% of kids will regress), and the frustration that both parents and children will experience when the regression occurs makes it not worth even attempting in that time frame. Training when there is an interest can take just days - versus months if you try outside one of these windows. They will often start out either pooping or peeing in the potty, but not doing the other for several weeks later. We bought a potty seat for the toilet when she was about 18 months old, and just very casually introduced it - for instance, I would sit her on it while getting her ready to take a bath so she got used to it (we got the potty seat versus the little potty because I've heard of kids having a hard time transitioning from little potty to the adult toilet and thought it'd be nice to skip that step. I also knew that she'd still barely be two by mid-September, which would be VERY early to be potty-trained.
Line your car seat with one of those sheet saver things that is supposed to go over the crib sheet when they are newborns.

For naps, I lay down a waterproof crib liner (the ones that are not full sheets, but are just used between the sheet and the mattress when they are little, like this) with a folded towel on top, and lay her down just in underwear or even naked. In fact, let's just pretend like I'm talking about my friend's cousin's hairdresser's daughter Susie. There were a number of signs she gave that she was ready leading up to us training her, but in light of her privacy, I'm not going to go into detail about most of those. I was truly not expecting it to happen by then and was fully preparing mentally to have to deal with two in diapers, as well as having to potty train a toddler while dealing with a newborn or small infant. For the child, there seems to be a much more obvious gap between diapers and being naked than between diapers to underwear. If we go to the park or somewhere similar without a bathroom (or just a longer car trip without guaranteed bathroom access within a couple minutes of being alerted) it's incredibly useful to have a little setup that can be used out of the back of your SUV or even by the side of the road. I'm an anti-sugar crazy person when it comes to Susie, and we're doing M&Ms despite that. Even with Susie being completely ready, there were a few accidents and some incredibly trying days.
I realized that she liked to be able to push her feet against the floor for leverage, so we started using the little travel potty for pooping and that helped a lot, since her feet could easily reach the floor while using it. This random kid I knew - no relation to Carys - regressed when Emmeline her random, no-relation baby sister was born.
However, one I will share: the giant, flashing neon light of a sign she gave that prompted us to start the training process was that she went potty herself, with no help and no prompting, twice in one day. They also helped us transition her from being naked to wearing underwear, which we did by putting her in dresses with nothing underneath for a day or so to get used to wearing clothes again, and then adding in the underwear once she had that down.
Don't worry, I didn't either - I used the hand-me-down ones we got on top of the changing pad because I didn't know they were supposed to be used in the crib.
We use this one - I didn't buy it as a travel potty, but it ended up going in the car and has stayed there and yes, has been used many times.
I think that if I'd kept them out, I would have reverted back to them purely out of MY frustration within the first two days - the hardest two days (and that was with her being ready and only a few accidents - this was when I was trying underwear, before I went to the naked thing).

It's something new that she's never had before, so it's completely and totally associated with potty training in her mind.
They are just learning their body and what it's communicating to their brain, and it's hard to tell those beginning tingles from full-on "need to go" tingles. There are a ton of different books out there, so find one that will pique your child's interest and read it over and over. I also was sure to show her my big girl underwear whenever I put it on or was doing laundry, and talked a lot about all the benefits to being a big girl in ways unrelated to the potty - how they got ice cream, go up and down stairs alone, use the mini-cart at the store, etc.
But these or these are what I'm referring to - waterproof pads topped with terry about 2ft by 1ft in size. It doesn't give you or the kid the opportunity to back out of it and forces some sort of commitment to the process. She never had a problem using the big potties in stores (I just use a seat cover and she perches on the edge, I don't take a travel mini seat (though I know a lot of people who swear by this seat or something similar) or anything and we wash and sanitize hands afterward) and never was scared of the toilet flushing - it's one of her favorite parts, actually.
The night diapers haven't seemed to affect her daytime training at all, though I did have to explain to her that even big girls wear diapers at night until they stop waking up wet. Training underwear is quite thick and some kids - like Susie - might just see them as diapers. I still give her one when she asks, but I think the process got to be such a normal thing that she started forgetting on her own. There is ZERO wrong with that, and lots to be said for waiting until the kid is ready to do it.
The main issue that kids face is that since they cognitive developments are just on the beginning phase, they do not recognize the signals sent out by their body as to how urgent they are and how soon they need to use the body. So it often happens that they recognize the urge after its too late.That where comes the tricks of potty training.

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