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Since my husband was going to be home for a few weeks, he decided that he was going to make sure that our son was potty trained before he went back to work. We figured out that our son was one of those kids that had to feel some stuff running down his leg before he would get the concept together of pottying. Day 1 – We thought it was going to go well that morning because Lil Man hadn’t used the bathroom all night. Day 4 – I got tired of being cooped up in the house, so I decided that I was going to take Lil Man to the zoo…in big boy underwear!
Day 5 – We were on the way out the door to church when we realized that Lil Man did #3 (#1+ #2) in his clothes.
I seriously thought Baby Boo was going the be in kindergarten before she got the hang of it.
And when in need we did pull over to the side of the road or in an empty parking lot and let him pee outside.
My brother bought Lil Man some Cars underwear for Christmas, so we decided to pull those out and let him wear them for boot camp. Dear Hubby actually got a little bold and took Lil Man to the barbershop in his “Big Boy Underwear”. She has only gone #2 once in the toilet Every other time is in her pullup or her panties We are still working on that part!
It is my sincere prayer that you be blessed, inspired, and informed by the words you read on this blog.
I enjoy spending time with my husband and every moment together is precious, especially when we have to deal with deployment rotations.
If you are new around here, you might want to go back and read: A Morning Surprise and Potty Training is for Geniuses to catch up on my potty training blunders. Lil Man pretty much held it the whole time, even though Dear Hubby took him to the bathroom while they were out. But honestly, I’m not sure if it was because he was holding it, or if it was because of the heat outside.
Either way, I didn’t have to utilize the two spare outfits, wipes, and plastic bags that I took.

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