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French Valley Ranch's Giant Schnoodles and Miniature Schnauzers - OUR DAUGHTER HAS A VERY AWESOME super well bred PROVEN repeat LITTER OF AKC STANDARD SCHNAUZERS READY FOR HOMES NEXT week! We have 2 children, and when we were pregnant with the first, cloth diapering wasn’t on our radar AT ALL.
One thing I distinctly remember about getting into cloth diapering, however, was how completely overwhelming it is. I always loved reading about the experiences other parents had with different diapers, and reading those reviews helped me find some of my very favorites, as well. But the fact of the matter is this: our first child was 100% potty trained by 20 months using the same method that we are using now, and so far, so good with the second one. After your child gets very used to morning and evening potty sessions, begin to incorporate potty time 10 minutes after every meal that you are together. After she was fully potty trained during the day, we immediately began potty training for night-time.
So that’s how we potty trained our first by 20 months, and it is the path we are currently on for our second. I fully understand that the approach we took with potty training isn’t right for everyone. I’m so proud to be a part of this project to help you learn to live a life you love with a little less stress, and a lot more fun! My best friend used hybrid diapers and suggested I look into them, but I didn’t pay too much attention.
There are (seemingly) a dozen different types of diapers, all of which have their own language of terminology, and dozens upon dozens of different brands. The fact that you want to cloth diaper means you are on the right track, even if you are feeling a bit lost!
So for those of you out there who are interested in potty training tips, especially for younger toddlers, I’d love to share with you what we do! This is not the method for anyone who wants to be all done in 3 days or 24 hours or anything like that.
I am just about to get started with this phase, and it will involve setting the timer so that I don’t forget! She has been receiving a bottle before bed, so over a 4 day period, we reduced the amount of milk she got in her bottle.
It definitely takes a lot of time, but it is a powerful example of just what little ones can accomplish if you give them the chance!
If you are looking for something a little different (perhaps for an older toddler who might be ready to train quickly). THIS GIVES EVERYONE A CHANCE, INCLUDING US, TO TAKE THEIR SUMMER VACATIONS AND BE READY TO WELCOME A NEW ADDITION WHEN EVERYTHING SLOWS DOWN. And since my BFF lived far away from me and I didn’t get to actually see the diapers, I had no idea just how great they really were.
I hope you will find them useful as you wade through all the information out there and make your decisions about which brands and types to use when building your stash. I should probably mention for all the new readers out there that Layah is just shy of 16 months old. But I don’t think my children are exceptionally gifted or exceptionally rare when it comes to potty training abilities.
We worked on potty training with our first starting at 13 months and while she was all done by 20 months, you can see now that the process of potty training took 7 months. Currently we are in the phase of potty training where we put her on the potty as soon as she wakes up in the morning, as well as right before bed. You will notice your potty success rate go up dramatically when you add this step in, and along with that success, please do heap on the praise for your child for using the potty.

We knew that our first was ready to totally finish her potty training once she started going to a corner and hiding when she pooped. By no means is this an exhaustive list of available options, but I think you will find some brands that are very popular, as well as some lesser known brands that are also great finds! I think that early potty training is a possibility for many children if they are given the opportunity to try it out!
Our current favorite is one Prince Lionheart recently sent our way, the pottyPOD Basix (I always shop at Amazon, but Buy Buy Baby and Bed, Bath and Beyond also carry this particular seat). We have a pile of books in the bathroom to read to her while she sits (be sure to have a potty time book in the pile!).
This will build their confidence and their own joy about using the potty instead of their diaper.
So at that point, I told her all about big girl underwear and how she was ready to start wearing it because she knew when she needed to potty, she knew how to tell us, and she even knew how to sit on her potty seat. She was cool with it for the first 2 days, but by day 3 she was NOT happy with how little milk she was getting. Click to learn more.>> When my friend Amanda posted in our Facebook group that she was reading the best book, she peaked my interested. I also think that parents need to read up on different approaches and develop a strategy BEFORE their child is ready to potty train.
It is very important for a child to have a seat that they can hop on and off that is at their level. We started teaching baby sign language potty training terms to Layah at the same time that we introduced the potty seat.
Over a 2 day period, we gave Darah lots of water and juice and put her on the potty every 2o minutes on day one, and every 30 minutes on day 2.
This was the only time in the whole potty training experience that crying happened, and it wasn’t because of having to use the potty, but rather, because of giving up her bottle. You want to be prepared so that if your child starts to show readiness for using the potty, even before you thought they might, that you are ready to get started!
It gives them more of a sense of control, and also rapidly increases their comfort level with potty training. BUT…the drama was over fairly quickly, and because she was no longer drinking 6 ounces of fluids right before bed, she pretty much stopped using the bathroom at night!
You can imagine my surprise when I realized she was talking about a book on potty training!What follows is my experience of successfully potty training my 20 month old boy from diapers to self-initiation in about 2 weeks.
CURRENT VACCINAITONS COMPLETE TOO!A OUR MINIATURE, GIANT SCHNAUZERS AND GIANT SCHNOODLE PUPPIESA  WILL BE BORN DURING THIS SUMMER INTO FALL 2016! We had the potty seat out for a few weeks before we even talked about it with Layah, giving her time to get used to seeing it and to develop her curiosity about it, without feeling stressed.
If she is adamant about being all done with her potty time, we tell her that we are going to put a diaper on her now, and then we go on about our day. That’s a HUGE step forward for potty training, as a child has to be aware of her bodily functions before she can exercise control over them. Currently, she is using the potty about 25% of the time that we put her on it, which isn’t too bad! I will say that at 20 months, Darah did sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and ask to go potty (we could hear her thanks to the monitor). Snoops brother took 3rd in the Miniature Schnauzer group at the Westminster show in New York a few weeks ago!!! I started reading that day, and well, it’s no exaggeration to say that it has literally changed my life!Of course, the book can be entertaining as all get out, but what you really want to know is if it works. Here’s our experience implementing the potty training process and tips recommended in the book called Oh Crap, Potty Training by Jamie Glowacki.

TRAINING FACILITY MUST BE LICENSED AND NOT CHARGE THE DISABLED PERSON FOR THE FULLY TRAINED DOG. This really works!I really did need to hand the responsibility over to him just like Jamie said. A IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO COME TO OUR RANCH FOR ANY REASON, PLEASE READ OUR VISIT POLICY FIRST!! He also learned he was supposed to poop in the potty, and told me when he needed to go, but it was a bit of a struggle for him to actually do it once we got there.Who can blame him? So weird!Day 6At some point I realized that I had stopped seeing my child as a ticking time bomb waiting to explode or at least spring a slow leak.Things were getting back to normal. ABSOLUTELY LOVEA  OUR KIDS!!A litter shown below 1st time outside with our twins and then at 2 weeks old below that. It wasn’t exactly smooth sailing there for a while after baby sister arrived, but we never had to go back to diapers or anything like that. If you do, then every question you could possibly have is answered there.If you are sensitive to a little language or potty jokes just cover your eyes for those parts.
JUST HAD ALL HER VET WORK DONE AND READY FOR ACTIVE COMPANION ADULT OR OLDER CHILDREN HOME. Of course, you can read it right on your computer screen too.You can buy Oh Crap, Potty Training! E-MAIL FOR INFO ON THESE TWO SWEET GIRLS!A miniature schnauzer adult femaleS WILL BE READY FOR HOMES SOMETIME FALL 2016! Try these top resources to help you stay on budget, work from home, shrink your grocery budget, and stay organized.
Reply Shawnee Scott on May 27, 2013 at 5:45 am I am so excited to have found this post!! We have been slowly (very, very, very slowly) and entirely half-heartedly attempting lofty training with our 20 mo old son and it is EXHAUSTING. Reply Kailyn Shippee on June 4, 2013 at 11:35 am No experience yet, my daughter is only 6 months, but this sounds way better than anything else I’ve heard! Reply The Frugal Greenish Mama on June 11, 2013 at 6:36 pm My son was actually a breeze to potty train and as soon as he was stopped having accidents at nights too. WE RECENTLY HAD SEVERAL DISAPPOINTED CUSTOMERS WHO DECIDED ON A CERTAIN PUPPY TOO LATE & PUPPIES WERE SOLD BY THE TIME THEY MADE THEIR DECISION!!! UPPER PICTURE IS ONE OF OUR PAST MINIATURE SCHNAUZER LITTERS JUST READY TO GO TO THEIR NEW HOMES.OUR TWIN TODDLERS SOCIALIZING THE NEW PUPPIES.

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