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I started out by putting the Cars potty seat in the living room, surrounded by towels of course. I bought the "Potty Power" DVD, along with stickers for a potty chart and the coveted Thomas Train for doing 3 poops in the potty.
The biggest lesson I have learned from today is the power of positive reinforcement, love, and praise.
I have a son who turned 2 a month ago (he’s my only child so far) and I have to confess that I had NO IDEA how to even start potty training until I read this. Thanks for this post:) Thanks for being honest about how sometimes you try and have to wait longer until they are ready.
Every kid is so different and can be surprisingly easy to train (like my son was) or extremely difficult. I have a son who will be 4 in November and trying to get him to quit pooping and peeing himself is like hitting a brick wall.

Featured Preconception Articles4 Hard Lessons I Learned After 12 MiscarriagesThis is the Best State to Have a BabyCould These Three Things Be Messing Up Your Man’s Fertility? I've been afraid of this challenge for over a year now, ever since hearing the horror stories from my friends who have had difficult-to-train children. It started out well enough, me giving him lots of drinks, him watching the Potty Power movie. I took every opportunity I could to tell Will how proud of him I was, how it was okay to have accidents, how it was easy wasn't it, what a big boy he was. I KNOW it was SO much more work than you probably had room to write about:) Its an adenture for sure!! If we had waited to try for another baby after experiencing diaper freedom…Im not sure we would have!
I tried to toughen up and change it and ran out of the room yelling out to my husband in mid puke:) Good times, right??

I finally told my husband I’m done with the pullups they are to exspensive and underwear is what he will wear. The customers feedback can engage you a great of the value and uppercase satisfaction of the product. So far since he has been wearing them I can get him to go pee most of the time but poop is still a challenge.

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