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Sometime around the end of my daughters twelfth month, I was bragging to a relative about how smart my daughter is – how well she follows directions, speaks, listens to stories, organizes her shapes, etc. Soon after we started this process, I purchased three picture book stories about the potty: Uh Oh!
At the conclusion of our three day potty boot camp, my daughter was pretty much accident free.
To summarize the steps I took to potty train my daughter starting at 13 months, please reference the following list. No diaper when you go out – just loose fitting pants (piddle pads are great for the car, though we never needed one). Plan to carry around a bucket of soap and water for the many accidents you will have during the intro period. When my daughter laughed for the first time at two months, I cried, when she took her first steps at eleven months, I cried, when she pooped and peed in her potty at 13 months, I wanted to take a picture of her perfect brown swirls and post my pride to every social media outlet I subscribe to. Gotta Go!: Potty Tales From Toddlers, by Bob McGrath, The Potty Book for Girls, by Alyssa Satin Capucilli, Once Upon A Potty, by Alona Frankel. I discovered early on when I was reading her potty books that she was much more content sitting on the potty long enough to do her business, if she had stories to read. At the same time that the fakes stopped, I noticed that she was holding her bladder for longer periods of time.
I was certain that despite her day time potty perfection, she’d have to wear a bed time diaper for a long while yet.
My son is 13 months and he knows what the potty is so i figured why not start potty training him, but then i read so much on how thats way too warly and its best to start around 2!

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. We knew ahead of time that we’d choose something with a simple design, no bells and whistles, just a basic frame to get the job done. From the start we had very few poop accidents, primarily because it’s easier to identify when your child has to poop then when she has to pee.
Creating a book bin designated for the bathroom was absolutely essential to making the potty consistently desirable to my daughter.
Since we were both a little stir crazy I ordered a portable potty through Amazon overnight shipping.
Instead of 10-12 visits to the potty, she was peeing about five times and pooping maybe twice a day. We had our daughter sit on each potty until we determined a good fit, then packed it up, brought it home, sat her down, she pooped and peed!!! Every morning it was our ritual to meet up with friends, walk to the park and spend about two hours playing before coming home for nap.
But I loved reading your story and seeing someone had success in potty training a young toddler! Pee was more difficult because I couldn’t tell when she was going to pee and for a while, pee would even surprise her.
I would read them to her while she sat on the potty, during regular story time and before bed. When we were outside for all of that time, she would wear a diaper and I wouldn’t mention the potty.

When she would say “pobby!”, I would run her to a secluded area, drop the porta potty and sure enough, she would go!
But, she definitely had an affinity for the potty and that certainly helped set the stage for the potty training process. After that conversation, I couldn’t get this potty training idea out of my mind, so I did some research.
What I discovered is that potty training a young toddler (12-15 months) is much easier than trying to potty train a two or three year old.
If we were grocery shopping, I’d have to abandon my cart at least three our four times for the potty alert.
I was in full on first trimester fatigue mode and this little rascal wanted to wake up and have a potty party in the wee hours of the night. By the middle of her 14th month she was sleeping through the night (7pm-6:30am) without wetting the bed.
But I knew it was temporary and eventually the novelty of visiting public restrooms would wear off.

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