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June 17, 2013 by Erin My husband is a stay-at-home dad and that means that he is often the one taking control of the day-to-day activities in our house and that includes things like potty training.
We started by taking her diaper off during the day when we were home and we just let her run around naked, showing her the potty and gently reminding her to use it.
After each use of the potty, we would do a potty dance and sing and dance around the house in celebration. To make each experience seem fun and worthwhile, we’ll be letting her peel and stick stickers to the chart after each bathroom break.
Hey Erin, I’m heading down this same path as you Hunter is now 28 months old and I have had enough I cant take it anymore the diapers have got to go. A few weeks ago, Sara saw a picture of Huggies Pull-Ups training pants and said, “I want do dat!” I’ve had the potty chair out for a while and we’ve been reading books about the potty for a long time, but she has never really expressed any interest in trying the potty herself. If you’re not familiar with our story, my youngest daughter, Sara, was diagnosed with a completely dislocated left hip at 15 months. Our favorite potty books have made it through three children now {Yes, even Ben read the girl books… and boy books as well} and are well loved, as you can see here! Books help me a lot during potty training, but another really helpful tool for me is the Pull-Ups itself.
My son prefers to be dressed LOL, but if he wanted to be naked I would be more than ok with that considering he manages to pee on his shirt everytime we try the potty! We'll only e-mail you a digest so if we go post happy on any particular day, your inbox won't be flooded.

After EIGHT and a HALF YEARS of nonstop diapers, my last baby is finally interested in potty training. I know children aren’t ready to potty train until they are able to walk and run and they should be able to dress and undress themselves, too.
We were concerned because she walked with a waddle and fell down consistently after taking only 4-5 steps. When I finally get a kid ON the potty, the trick is to keep her distracted for a while and hope she pees without realizing it. But any book that keeps her occupied for a while, like books that are full of flaps, are great for potty training. Normally I use cloth diapers, and have with all four of my children {except we used Huggies disposables the entire time Sara was in her spica cast. I had to brave Walmart on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and being able to walk in, grab them, and, go, was really nice.
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Because of a family history of developmental dysplasia of the hips, we finally saw a specialist and Sara had corrective surgery to put her hip back in its socket when she was only 17 months old.
If you’ve ever seen one of those horrible casts, you can understand why cloth just wouldn’t work.

The roll-back price of $8.97 a bag is a pretty good deal – especially if you can find any coupons to pair with your purchase – and is available both online and in the store!
She’s just now starting to run, though she mastered the art of undressing herself a long time ago…  I’m not sure she’s quite ready, but if she’d like to give potty training a try, I’m all for it!
I don’t force potty training at all – been there, tried that, dealt with the aftermath for a long time…BUT – once she finally does get that initial pee in the potty, we have a PAR-TAY! We call Grandma and Daddy, dance around, eat some chocolate, drink some water, and then sit back down on the potty. Girls are usually easier then boys So good luck Its so nice when they are done with diapers!!! They are easy to get on and off, they do a nice job wicking moisture away, and I don’t normally worry about blow-outs or leaks.
I also resort to a few bribes, like healthier chocolate and candies, but because my kids are so used to cloth diapers, the disposable Pull-Ups are a treat and reward in and of themselves!

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