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But perhaps even more exciting is that I am done with the dreaded parenting job of potty training! Since all my kids are potty trained now, I decided to write a few of my thoughts and experiences about potty training.
These points are what worked for me and my children.  There are several methods of potty training that work. My kids did not have any special needs, developmental disorders, or physical handicaps, etc. Now that I have all the disclaimers on the table, here are my three beliefs on potty training. A few times I wanted to take Locke to a babysitter  but was not confident he was ready for the real world. When I was 15, I attended a church activity where parents were asked to bring an item that represented their daughters. What you're really trying to do is keep your child motivated and persisting long enough so that the training process turns into a healthy lifelong habit.
The middle chart is a potty training chart and is designed for beginners at potty training. The potty readiness log on the right is designed for you, Mom or Dad, to use for a couple of weeks to decide if your toddler is showing readiness signs for potty training. Use the free potty training chart straight up as a way for your youngster to earn potty training rewards when he pees and poops in the potty chair. I would print off multiple potty charts; use one for a favorite stuffed animal or doll who is also learning to potty. If all the animals or dolls do well enough on their potty charts, then throw a potty tea party! At first, give your child credit for simply trying, not necessarily accomplishing the task on the training chart.

As she advances, you can only give out stickers, candy, or whatever, when she actually DOES the deed correctly. You'll need to mix it up a little using the potty training reward chart to keep your toddler or preschooler's interest. If you decide to use one of the many comprehensive potty guides available, you may want to use the training or reward charts that come with the guide. If your potty trainee does an excellent job at the end of a day, try rewarding her with a special surprise she didn't know about. Many times just one new piece of toilet training advice that I hadn't considered before was just the help I needed to help my child over a potty training hump. Specific tips to help potty training for girls move smoothly (I've trained two girls myself). If you submit comments, we ask your permission to share your comments on our website (see permission checkbox below).
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Our strict privacy policy is that we will NOT share your name and email address with anyone else. We will only use the first name and initial of your last name when saying where the comment or quote came from. So I've noticed tons of parents say they are going to start potty training soon and thought it would be a good idea to post some tips. Potty training charts can be great potty training aids to encourage your toddler or preschooler to stay in the toilet training game. The idea is to get and keep your child interested in the potty training process and watching her favorite toys successfully potty train is a powerful motivator.
For example, just saying "I need to go potty" should merit a sticker or coloring on the chart, even if nothing happens once your child sits on the potty seat.

Give your child a ticket for getting to the bathroom on time, going pee or poop, washing his hands, etc. Make a list of prizes he can EARN with his tickets, such as reading a book with Mom or Dad, a new toothbrush, an ice cream cone, or slightly bigger prizes earned with more tickets. And see my blank chore charts page and free chore chart page, too, for all your reward chart needs.
Phil years ago.) After Elle would go in the toilet, we would call family or fictional characters to brag. Or use completely different potty training charts (unless your child finds that confusing). The idea is that you are watching and rewarding her efforts; and tell her that you're watching her all the time (by the time your kids are teens, they'll be counting on you watching and rewarding, and behave accordingly.
This means making a plan and sticking to it, whether you're at home, daycare, or on the town. No matter what you choose for your child for seating arrangements, you know what works best for your child. Even if you've gone a while with successful bathroom trips, your child may experience accidents.
In that case, it might be a good idea to go back to pull ups until the routine is back and things are calmer. Talk to your caregiver and anyone else who is involved with your children to approach potty training the way you do.

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