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It is important for parents to remain patient as they go through the potty training process.  Taking the time each child needs to learn this new skill is essential and with these engaging tips, it can be a fun learning time, too!
There are questions about whether they can dress themselves, how far ahead they can count and whether they are toilet trained. Something that (it may be unintentional) receives a negative vibe is if you answer that your child is not out of nappies yet…. There are so many emotions contained with a child starting in a nursery setting anyway, enhanced if your child has either been diagnosed or is commencing the route to a diagnosis of special needs, that I wanted to share mine and other experiences of potty training special needs children. It is worth pointing out that I had no idea that either of my children were autistic when they started at nursery.
Even now, D will get anxious about using a public toilet and will prefer to wait until we get home.

Autistic children respond better to visual prompts and a visual timetable can be beneficial (picture to follow).
It can also be useful to take them into the (new to them) toilet setting, explaining with the aid of visuals the process and, if an elder sibling is willing, see someone else using the toilet. Sometimes I feel like a brand but I'm me, a commuting career woman in a previous "life", now a stay-at-home Mumma to two wonderful children, who just happen to have autism too. You can add a link to follow you on twitter if you put your username in this box.Only needs to be added once (unless you change your username).
Sign me up to KiddyCharts Newsletter for our wonderful exclusive charts, special offers, giveaways and advice. D’s lack of social skills and delays in speech and motor skills were picked up within the first half term, with a diagnosis within six months, T was diagnosed very recently at 10 and a half years.

I now know it was the sensory overload of smells, puddles on the floor, unflushed toilets and the hand dryers that put them off. Children develop at different stages, one child might be toilet-trained at 2, another might not be ready until nearly 4 or later. We didn’t do this and I wish we had because it would have been so much easier (and less mess)! I spotted this in comment luv and had to come straight over because I just don’t know how we are going to manage to get my nearly 4 yr old toilet trained, he has autism and hardly seems to have any awareness of it at the moment.

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