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There are 3 main things you should focus on training your dog while still in its developmental stages. Teaching your dog to eliminate outside takes time and patience, but if done correctly and with positive methods it can be accomplished in about a week!
Socialization is one of the most important things you should work with your little canine friend. While you work on the above items I highly recommend you learn about different dog training methods. Dogs need to learn that when living around people there are certain behaviors that are not appropriate.
When it comes to potty training a puppy, you may find yourself in the position of making several important decisions such as how to manage its environment and what techniques to employ to help set your puppy for success.
Paper training is a common potty training technique that offers the advantage of being practical and economical. But while this method is popular among many dog and puppy owners, it is also important to consider that it has some drawbacks.
Let's get acquainted with the paper training process so you can find out if this potty training method will work for you. Because paper will absorb the puppy's urine and will collect the puppy's feces, all you would need to do is roll up the paper and toss it for easy disposal. When temperatures plummet to single digits, you do not have to worry about turning into a snow man while your pampered pooch takes his time to eliminate in the snow. If you live in an apartment on the last floor, your puppy may be unable of holding it while you fly down several flights of stairs.
The biggest disadvantage of paper training is the fact that it may considerably slow down the potty training a puppy process. Because a puppy needs to be eventually taught to eliminate outdoors, paper training adds an additional step to the housetraining process.
Another disadvantage is that paper training can be messy if your puppy fails to aim right, or worse, decides to shred the paper in pieces just because he is bored. If you can take your puppy outside every couple of hours, there is no need for you to even consider paper training.
So, if nobody is home for extended periods of time, the cheapest solution may be to teach your puppy to eliminate on a bunch of old newspapers.
If you decide to adopt puppy paper training as your chosen method for potty training a puppy, the following steps may make the process easier for your puppy.
Choose a room that's large enough to provide enough space for playing, sleeping and a toilet area.
Ideally, the best way for potty training a puppy is to teach him from the get-go to go outdoors; however, in many cases dog owners have no choice. An indoor potty training method similar to paper training involves using puppy potty training pads. Whether you decide to use last week's bulky Sunday newspaper, pee pads or a litter box that is designed specifically for dogs, the potty training a puppy process remains the same. Because dogs repeat behaviors that are heavily rewarded, it should shortly become second nature for your puppy to choose the designated area to eliminate. While puppy paper training may be appropriate for certain circumstances, it is important to realize that it should be used as a temporary solution. Whether you work long hours, want to avoid taking your puppy out during inclement weather or live in a high-rise apartment, potty training a puppy using paper may be the ultimate short term solution for you. Unauthorized use of any images, descriptions and articles is strictly prohibited under copyright law. Puppy Training PottyThis Puppy Training Potty includes a collection tray, mesh tray and an odour resistant mat that is designed to look like grass, while the puppy is being trained. This item will be sent through the Global Shipping Programme and includes international tracking. Items delivered internationally may be subject to customs processing depending on the item's declared value.
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When you look through puppy house training tips on the Internet, you will find a lot of information that is either outdated, plain wrong or – in the worst case scenario – actually getting close to animal abuse. If you have ever raised a child or listened to parents of babies talk, the one word that keeps cropping up is “routine.” Deviate from the routine, and the baby’s happy disposition easily changes to one of frustration, unmet expectations and undesirable acting out. Experts suggest that an animal has the ability to control its bladder for about three hours at the age of three months. Rather than scolding a dog for an accident inside the house, reward the animal for eliminating at the right spot and on command. If you have been following all of these steps and are still encountering potty training problems, talk to our friendly professionals. San Antonio Dog Training: Pit Bull Must Love All His Toys Because He Chews Up ALL Of Them!! Our anti-spam protection requires that you enable JavaScript in your browser to be able to comment! When you arrive home with your English Bulldog puppy, remember - your puppy is a baby Bulldog. Moving to a new home, leaving his family and the only humans he has ever really known can be a little scary for the English Bulldog puppy, so try to make the move as easy as possible for him. If you want to change your Bulldog puppy's brand of puppy kibble, the change should be slow and gradual.
English Bulldogs thrive indoors around their family and in a temperature controlled environment.
A big fluffy, comfy chair or couch so you can sit and cuddle with your new English Bulldog puppy is a great way to start off your Bulldog's new life with you. If you travel with your English Bulldog, you'll need a large insulated water jug so you'll have lots of cool water available for your Bulldog. Your aim in feeding an English bulldog puppy should be to aid in muscle, bone and joint growth as much as possible without causing your Bulldog puppy to become obese. The reason they need to be taught early in your pet's life is because it will become harder (almost impossible in some cases), if you wait until your dog grows to adulthood.

The goal of this training method is to train the puppy to go potty only on paper placed in selected areas of the home for easy clean up. To make things even easier, the papers are often placed on tile or linoleum floors so to avoid hard-to-clean messes on carpets and hardwood floors. You can safely recuperate some sleep knowing that your puppy can use the paper to eliminate when nature calls. Also, it's a lot more difficult to untrain your puppy from repeating an old behavior than to teach him a new one. If you notice any "pre-potty" signs such as sniffing, circling or squatting, gently interrupt him and place him on the newspaper if he happens to be on the area without newspapers.
If one day he eliminates on the floor where there are no newspapers, you probably removed too much. Some pee pads contain pheromones and other attractive scents to help puppies make good choices.
A dog litter box is usually filled with absorbent pellets which keep lingering odors at bay, making clean up easy and quite effortless.
Just set up the area correctly and your puppy should by instinct choose to eliminate as far as possible from where he eats, drinks, plays and sleeps. In addition to step-by-step instructions on how to paper train your puppy the right way, you'll learn about other housetraining methods, including crate training.
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At Sit Means Sit, we recognize that you love your new canine companion and want to set it up for success during the process. Since puppies have short attention spans, consider rewarding the animal right away while you are still at the designated elimination spot.
Yes, it is messy, but you should take the animal – when you catch it in the middle of urinating on the floor – to its designated elimination spot.
If necessary, hire a professional carpet cleaning service to treat an area that the animal has used repeatedly. Hitting the dog with a rolled up newspaper, forcing its nose into the urine-soaked carpet or yelling at the dog will not further potty-training.
Like all babies, he needs lots and lots of love and cuddling, lots of sleep, lots of good, quality nourishing food and still more love and cuddling. Substitute a small amount of the old food with the new and slowly increase the ratio of new to old until the old food is completely replaced with the new. An English Bulldog can overheat faster than other dogs so if it's much over 80 degrees (F) your bulldog should be in an air conditioned area. English Bulldogs actually love having their own private retreat to go to when they want to be left alone. Your English Bulldog's first lead should be a light weight one, you'll need a strong leather or nylon lead as your Bulldog grows. We recommend using a Dremmel tool to grind down your English Bulldog puppy's nails and making them smooth and rounded.
You can use just about any brush on an English Bulldog, but the best ones have flexible rubber bristles.
Lightly spray your English Bulldog's face and body if you notice your Bulldog panting or breathing heavily.
It is important to keep your bulldog on a natural based diet with good supplements to help insure the healthiest immune system, hips & skin throughout your English bulldog puppies life. Remember that rewards need to be emotional, and therefore it is more successful to give them a reward of a patting and rub down your bulldog baby than it is for you to hand them a treat. The main areas of concern are the coat, the nails, the ears and of course those cute, trademark wrinkles. Then thoroughly wet your Bulldog from just behind the ears to his tail being sure to get the underside also. A lot of dirt and moisture can collect under your Bulldog's wrinkles and can lead to an infection if not properly cleaned and maintained.
Positive dog training techniques are reliable, fun and they will bring you closer to your furry friend!The one thing you will need is patience. Other things, like training commands and manners can be taught at any age in your pet's life, so focus on the most pressing matters first and then move on.
Every family pet needs learn that when playing with humans no teeth or pressure are allowed at all! You can even reinforce his preference by taking some papers on which he urinated and placing them in that particular spot.
Use an enzyme-based urine remover to clean the spot and increase the area covered by newspapers. Pee pads are also highly absorbent and some contain odor-inhibiting substances that help neutralize smells. If your dog misses the designated area, make sure you are there to gently direct him to the right place so you can praise and reward when the puppy aims right. Simply train your dog to ring the bells at each potty time so they know to alert you that it’s time for them to go outside.
If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Import charges previously quoted are subject to change if you increase you maximum bid amount. For this reason, we have compiled a simple step by step tutorial that takes you through the various stages you are likely to encounter when learning how to house train a new puppy.
Of course, this is just a generalization and your puppy’s genetic makeup, breed and overall health may either shorten or lengthen its ability to put off urination.
For this reason, we suggest that you take the animal out on a leash – even if it is in your fenced-in backyard – and designate an elimination spot. We offer English Bulldogs stud service from International Champion English Bulldog studs service & we also have English Bulldog puppies for sale to approved homes ONLY, at times!
Make it simple and relaxed at first so that your baby Bulldog feels secure in the new environment.

A harness can be confusing for an English Bulldog puppy when they are just learning to follow your tugs. Most Bulldog puppies will love a simple knotted sock to shake and play tug-of-war with you.
A crate is used to allow your bulldog to have a place to sleep and teaches them to control their bladder. Although you may be angry and you will want to punish your Bulldog remember English Bulldog puppies respond much better to love. But when it is time for a bath you will need to gather up everything you will need including: shampoo, Q tips, cotton balls, wash cloth and towel. Apply the shampoo and work it in thoroughly everywhere including between the toes, under the tail and the genital area. If the nails get too long it can cause his toes to spread out unnaturally and make the foot deformed.
English Bulldogs vary in how often they need wrinkle cleaning but a good rule is at least twice a week. Learning takes time, your puppy is getting to know you and trying desperately to understand you.
No one will take your puppy outside three, four or five times per day until you come home from work. By putting the dog onto a routine that times outdoor potty runs with age in mind, you enhance the animal’s ability to not have accidents inside the home.
Even a dog that is progressing well in its potty training can still have accidents inside the house. You will find lots of English Bulldog pictures & information on English Bulldog care, books, training, etc. Your English Bulldog Puppy will need a lot of guidance and direction from you during this transition so take advantage of this experience to bond with him. Bulldogs are born with joints that are naturally looser than, say, a German Shepherd, and slipping on the floor or in the bath tub can be hard on the joints. A collar tugs on one area in one direction whereas a harness tugs their entire chest and shoulder area making it hard for your Bulldog pup to tell what you want him to do.
But it can be confusing for your Bulldog puppy and make training difficult for you if they don't know who's boss.
When it comes to potty training success, allow your bulldog to get outside when the urge is approaching. Make sure the collar is large enough to slip easily over your English Bulldog puppy's head with some room for growth. We will also give you tips to protect yourself when you are looking for 'English Bulldog puppies for sale'.
If you have these kinds of floors you might consider area rugs to provide traction and a bath mat when bathing. We recommend using a collar while training your puppy but after he is well trained a harness is fine. Whatever toy you choose just be sure that it is too big to get lodged in your Bulldog puppy's throat.
We suggest supplementing your English Bulldog's diet with vitamin C for good immune system support and joint development and strength. But this pack instinct is precisely why dogs wedge themselves so perfectly into our families.
Use a cotton ball or Q tip to clean the inside of your English Bulldog's ears but don't go too far in.Now rinse thoroughly so that every bit of shampoo is off your Bulldog. After cleaning and drying put some corn starch in your English Bulldog's wrinkles to keep them dry.
Understanding how dogs learn and how they communicate will help you and your pup become true best friends. For example, you might tell the young dog to “go potty.” Once the pet has eliminated, it is up to you if you want to spend some time walking it or playing outside.
Be careful not to let your English Bulldog puppy play so long and hard that he becomes exhausted. And if you get toys with eyes or buttons on them be sure to tear them of as your Bulldog puppy can choke on these. By keeping your English Bulldog on a natural based diet with good supplements you help cut down the amount of toxins & free radicals in your Bulldog's body greatly decreasing the chances of your dog developing cancer as opposed to feeding your dog a more commercialized dog food that is full of chemicals and toxins. Put it down for them at the designated time and allow them to eat for 15 minutes to 30 minutes and remove the bowl.
You just have to try several different brands till you find one that agrees with your Bulldog's skin and coat. Avoid wicker dog bedsbecause most English Bulldogs love to tear these to pieces and could choke on or swallow the pieces. Also, it is better for a Bulldog to be on a diet that is lower in the amount of processed protein around 22% - 25% is good.
Also with 120% or higher Vit C orange juice (not from concentrate) or real oranges (2-3 times per week). Then gradually start coaxing your Bulldog pup to follow you with calls and gentle 'tug-release' pulls on the lead. Too much processed protein could be bad for a bully's kidneys & because Bulldogs have such shallow joints it is better for Bulldog puppies to be on a lower protein food to help cut down on growth spurts and pains.
At this point his instincts compel him to seek out the structure of the pack-'Who is the leader?' 'Who is the follower?' Have you ever known a person whose dog is very rude, disrespectful and even a little aggressive?
Add it to your Bulldog's food masked with yogurt or serve it separately based on your Bulldog's preference. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION ON SUPPLEMENTS YOUR BULLDOG NEEDS TO HAVE THE BEST IMMUNE SYSTEM & HIPS POSSIBLE. He may have difficulty recognizing his owner as the leader of the pack therefore the dog could attempt to assume the role himself.
If you have your Bulldog spayed or neutered, or if because of old age he becomes less active, you will want to switch to a "light" or "low fat" version of your Bulldog's food to avoid obesity. As mentioned above we suggest choosing a quality natural based dog food such as "California Natural", "Innova" , "Solid Gold" or "HealthWise". But we stress that any dog food brands can change their ingredients and ways of processing for the better or worse at any time. So educate yourself on the different brands and check the labels periodically for any changes.
And never feed an English Bulldog anything with soybeans or soybean oils as these are very difficult for English Bulldogs to digest.

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