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Do not start the potty training too early for a stubborn child; you have to be patient waiting the child readiness. The steps of potty training are you should pick the time with fully potty training like in winter holiday.
Usually when a child is stubborn, it’s likely that one or both parents are also stubborn.
But the first question you have to ask yourself is this: Is your child REALLY ready to be potty trained? When you’re potty training a stubborn child, you as the parent need to be even more engaged. This could be a grueling process, but you must remain calm, patient and encouraging – even when there is poop smeared on your walls. Remember to take deep breaths, take breaks when you can by tag-teaming with another adult, and laugh whenever you can! It may take longer than other kids, but at some point your stubborn child will be potty trained. Update #2- Within one month Heaven was completely potty trained and uses the BIG potty instead of a potty chair. Location- It might not work for everyone but I leave the potty in the living room for easy access and having another kid, I cant sit in the bathroom with her. The Sticker Chart- Make a chart with categories for the stickers, such as number 1, number 2 and dry all day.
Being a big kid- When she goes potty I let her pick a sticker and place it on the chart all by herself. Be Excited- Because of "my" excitement Heaven is now excited when she goes and says things such as "IT'S WORKIN MOMMA" and "I DID IT, HIGH FIVE". Sure Missy K is two minutes older than Missy L, but if Missy K can do it then so can Missy L. However, if it is not, you have to be ready with your own patience and get ready for every accident.

If you have a boy and you need to potty train him, then you should know that compared to girls, you’ll need to spend a bit more time with boys.
Whether you’re potty training boys, girls, toddlers or a 5-year-old, these tips for potty training stubborn kids will help you ditch the diapers for good.
You’re going to have to give a lot of consideration towards what type of potty training rewards to give your child. Follow the three steps below to receive all of the potty training support we have to offer. From the very basics to how to handle potty training regressions, poop problems and wiping, we’ve got answers to your questions. A step-by-step plan of action on when to start, supplies to buy, how to keep it silly, and handle set backs.
Before you want to do a potty training for your child, better if you prepare the entire potty training list. However, once you’re sure that your little boy is ready to train, you can use a few tactics and tricks in your training efforts that will eventually help you with achieving success.
Don’t think about when grandma says they should be potty trained or even what your friends say.
This should help you establish a pattern so when you take PT outside the house you will have an ideal when your child might need to go. Were still on week 1 but she has made some great progress (15 pees in the potty since Wednesday night and NO accidents yesterday or today so far) and I'm getting ready to say good bye to her diapers forever. You should prepare the potty training set, the picture book of potty training, step stool, training pants, underpants, drink and wet doll, cartoon videos of potty training, and the last is the sweatpants or any other clothing that easy removed.
Take a deep breath and really ask yourself if your child NEEDS to be potty trained right now.
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If your son is a bit stubborn, then the worst mistake you could make is to consider training him before he is comfortable with the idea.

Your child will tell you when his or her diaper is dirty; the child will not feel comfortable. Make your child relax on the potty and give the child reward for successful potty training. If you want to train your son, he’ll need to be able to get out and in of his clothes so he can use the potty. The child able to control the poo and pee; therefore, the diaper will be dry all the night. Then, your child will interest in toilet and say to you when he or she wants to pee or poo. This means that you’ll either need a step stool so your son can use the big potty or a training potty.
Buying underwear should also be on the list and it’s up to your son to choose the one he likes best. For instance, you could go for sweatpants, because they don’t have any buttons or zippers to navigate. Before he’ll sit up, be sure you tell him to sit on the potty for at least 3 to 5 minutes.
For instance, you could use Cheerios or any other type of cereals you want and put it in the toilet, so that your son can practice his aim when peeing.
The majority of tips on potty training deeply emphasize this so on top of praising your son’s efforts, you should also offer him an incentive he loves.

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