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A Missouri mother is embarrassed and angry after a checker at a Dollar General store shamed her for what she considered to be an inappropriately dressed child.
The manager of the store took to Facebook as well, with her own thoughts about the incident. The Dollar General corporate office apologized for the incident and promised “additional training” for the employees in Holt.
You know, I had a 3 year old have an accident in a store, and a total stranger kindly ran and grabbed him something off the rack and pulled the tags off and then went up front and paid for them, and let the cashier know that he’d had an accident.
I can even understand giving mom a side eye about the kid wearing just underpants and a t shirt, but once mom has explained that the kid had an accident and they are clearly leaving…what is the point of taking it any further and making everyone else feel bad?
Seriously, all people like that do, is upset the kid and make them feel even worse then they already do. I hope though that if any pee got on the floor, mom either cleaned it up or let an employee know what happened. I don’t disagree that the employees were out of line for escalating the incident, but I do think the cashier initially was fine asking if the kid had shorts. Pictures of bare-assed babies are good, but a toddler with exposed thighs is inappropriate. How about if I put it this way – in the context of the headline, the word shaming is used correctly. If you think to find Potty Training In Less Than A Day Book Reviews Discover Your for your family 's birthday.
The two year-old was in underwear and a t-shirt at the time – her had mom changed her out of her wet clothes in the bathroom after a potty training accident.

Mom did the best she could do at the time – she grabbed a new pack of underwear to buy and took her daughter to the bathroom to get her wet clothes off and change her.
When it happens at home it’s one thing, but when it happens in public there is a whole other level of stress to deal with.
By the time I got him changed, out the bathroom, and calmed down (he was so upset with himself) the entire situation had been cleaned up.
The mom was embarrassed, even more so because she had forgotten a spare set of clothes (and we all know not having a spare set is an indicator that there will be poop). And a two year old running around an undies and a tee shirt for a little while isn’t that big of a deal. Good gravy, she’s going to give the kid a complex by embarrassing them in front of others. Had she not been potty trained yet and was just wearing a diaper and t shirt would the cashier have cared?
Too many times at my old job parents would bring their kids in and make a mess in the bathroom, then just leave it there. The initial question wasn’t out of line, but as soon as she got her answer, that should have been the end of that.
Maybe when she gets older she will be incontinent, she will mess on herself in public and will be asked to leave. With the exception of grand openings, the stores around here are generally messy, unkempt and the staff is half-hearted at best.
Not to mention that (assuming the quote from the facebook post is correct), the t-shirt barely covered the t-shirt?
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I don’t see the point of shaming a mother who is doing her best in a difficult situation. Who thinks its [sic] OK to have your young daughter in a public place with underwear and a t shirt.

When I got to the register the cashier told me the stranger had paid for the underpants and told my kiddo not to worry about it at all, gave him a sticker and sent us on our way. As soon as she got out of the bathroom carrying her now only diaper clad baby there were three of us (myself included) holding out our spare outfits for her.
I have boys, all my friends have girls and truth be told, more than once they’ve ended up with pink, purple, lace or ruffles on.
One time a kid had an accident (not her fault), and mom asked to use our restroom to get her cleaned up. The stores here are filthy, and most of the people working at them seem to have little, if any, education above 8th grade.
I’m not quite sure what the checker expected her to do or why she was so distraught at the sight of a two-year-old in underwear. She didn’t choose mine (I had a frilly pink thing, she had a boy) but she was in tears and got us gift cards as a thank you.
The plus side of this, I have a 6 year old that thinks nothing about having pink t-shirts in his drawers. Once mom explained why she didn’t have any on, and that they were on the way out, she should have dropped it there IMO.
Later went in the bathroom to find the floor all wet and the kid’s wet underpants sitting in the middle of the bathroom. Once mom explained what happened, and said they were on their way out, it should have ended there.

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