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Love it - while its been a long time since we've potty trained our children; we are soon to begin again, with our grandson at our house several days a week. If you feel like your child would respond well to receiving a reward at the culmination of several successes, instead of each one individually, then check out these potty jars. Sometimes you just need some tissue paper and toilet paper rolls to make potty training fun! My son recently started preschool, and it was clearly established that he had to be potty trained to attend. He never told me why he was so against early potty training, as he hates changing diapers just like any normal human being, but I guess that in a way potty training my son meant that our little boy was not so little anymore.
Daddy was to be working away all weekend long, so with 4 days on end, I decided to make it happen. The first morning went fine, he did pee on the toilet without any accidents, and finally, after 2 failed attempts, did a number 2 on the potty while we were on the phone with my parents. I bribed my son with the promise of a surprise if he didn’t have accidents until after breakfast. Free printable behavior charts - free behavior charts, Are tired hearing kids argue ? Chores - chore chart - free printable calendars, Printable chore charts (free printable : chores) print the charts and then place them in a sheet protector for use. Free behavior charts - lovetoknow, The daily reward chart is a fun and easy way to track behavior. Printable colorful monthly behavior chart - chore charts, Teachers parents colorful chart track kids' behavior record achievement. Printable classroom behavior chart - chore charts, This weekly printable chart chalkboard design intended teachers track student' behavior classroom send record home parents . Many people don’t like using food or candy to motivate children to use the big kid toilet, but trust me, your kids won’t be heading off to college expecting a sucker every time they go to the bathroom!

You can provide your child with any sort of token (pom pom, candy, buttons, etc.), that they will then deposit into the jar after they use the potty.
But this was a marathon, and as a marathoner I knew I could not give up, no matter how depressed I felt about the situation. It IS a reason to be happy, and I try to make a celebration out of it (even after the tenth time…). One of the hardest thing for me was always remembering to ask him if he needed to go to the bathroom.
The first 2 days were all about learning how to go and use the potty, but after that it was probably the bribes and privileges that made it. Mark several goals on the side of the jar and when they reach their goal, they get their treat!
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My efforts were on and off, because as some of you might know, this is an exhausting and gruelling process.
A few weeks later, after a conversation with one of the teachers at school, I decided enough was enough.
He already knew how to pee standing up, and had had a chance to familiarize himself with the small potty before (although no number 2s happened prior to the potty training weekend). He even got chocolate after his first number 2 (not such a good idea to bribe with food, but at the time I was short on inspiration).
Picking his own underwear in the morning, choosing which new ones he wanted to buy in the store, letting him pick a surprise to take home as a reward for learning how to use the potty.
I would bring my son to the toilet first thing in the morning, but come bath time, my husband would let him pee on the carpet (ugh, totally disgusting) and laugh with my toddler. It had to be done, and considering everything that was and would be happening in the next few months I figured the timing couldn’t be better.

This was the first day my husband was away, and I felt completely alone and isolated in my misery. I also bought some bribes to make potty training easier for mommy (hey, I was still depressed about the situation).
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My husband left work early to pack his suitcase, and I must admit that his presence distracted me from the task. I figured I would put my son to bed before I dissolved into tears on the living room couch, but honestly, I didn’t make it this far. We still have to see how it’ll go when we’re out and about doing errands, but so far I am more than happy we made it!
More often than not he’d have a good amount of pee, indicating that he probably had needed to go. As if he knew about my state of mind, my son picked a very emotional book for story time. By the end of the second day, he could let me know if he had to go, but I still tried to ask him myself in case he got distracted.
He realized I was crying and I told him I was sad because of all the accidents he had, and that I was disappointed and I hoped he could do better tomorrow.
My hope is that by the time the 24th accident-free day comes up, it’ll be natural for him to use the potty.

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