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Each doll is presented in a pretty box, which contains a strong cardboard bed, all ready for decorating yourself. Once tossed into the landfill, your child’s diapers will still be there, in their entirety until long after your great-grandchildren are potty trained. But the environmental cost of the disposable diaper does not lie solely in the waste it produces. For every load of reusable diapers you launder, you use up to 50 gallons of water (a limited resource in many parts of the country), and detergents the cause harm to the local waterways. If a diaper service is used, then the energy needed to pick up and deliver the diapers must also be considered. In a 2008 study by Milieu Centraal, a Dutch nonprofit environmental organization, looked at greenhouse gas emissions, water use, pesticide use, and land use. Milieu Centraal concluded that disposable diapers make the greatest impact on the environment during the production phase and use non-renewable resources such as oil, while cloth diapers have the greatest impact during use.

In the end, the choice between cloth diapering or convenience diapering should be based on what makes you most comfortable, as neither has been without a doubt proven to be better or worse for the environment. This is where early toilet training, whether it be through elimination communication with an infant or starting to potty train your 1-year-old, makes the most environmental and financial sense. Even if you only put your baby or toddler on the toilet once a day with success, that is one less disposable diaper to put in the landfills or one less cloth diaper to be laundered. Children gain confidence that enriches other areas of development (child no longer perceives herself as a baby). Many ingredients in laundry detergent are toxic to aquatic life, reduce the oxygen levels in waterways, and may disrupt the endocrine system of animals according to the U.S. The first comprehensive study was completed by the UK Environment Agency and released in 2005. Having your infant or toddler eliminate in a toilet does not create any more of an environmental impact than other humans in the house that regularly use the toilet, nor does it add to or strain the family budget. Starting potty training early can save you hundreds if not thousands of diapers or loads of laundry and have an equal financial savings.

To grow cotton, natural habitats must be cleared for farmland and pesticides and fertilizer used. The study concluded that the environment impact of cloth and disposable diapers is similar with no clear winner. This conclusion is largely based on the cloth diaper user’s ability to decrease their environmental impact by using water and energy efficient appliances and by choosing to buy organic cotton diapers.
Educated disposable diapering parents can be quick to point out the fallacies of such a claim. Producing the throw-away diaper involves trees, pesticides, machinery to cut down trees, oil, and a lot of energy. If that energy comes from oil or coal, there is an additional negative impact on the environment.

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