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When our oldest daughter was 2-years-old I asked a dear friend how in the world one goes about potty training a child?!  She put a book in to my hands called, Toilet Training In Less Than A Day by Dr. He can recognize when he's either going potty, or has just gone potty, and he'll either tell me, or I can tell by his face (i.e. If he ever does start peeing when he's on the changing table with his pants off, I can tell him to stop and he's able to do so. An extra pair of socks because sometimes pee runs down in to their shoes if they're standing up somewhere.
Being wet or dirty is unpleasant for them so they will not want to repeat the experience too much.
Make it easier on yourself to change sheets in the middle of the night by using the (affiliate link) Huggies Good Nights Bed pads or a cheaper alternative is puppy pads under your sheets.
This post contains an affiliate link, Jefferson Parish Parent gets a small percentage when items are purchased with our affiliate link. We are now on the last part of potty training – getting through the night without a night nappy.
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Give them support and make it a team effort to help them feel better about mistakes and doing things differently next time if necessary. It’s ok even adults wake up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom which your child will do the longer y’all are at at it!
It’s ok to stop and start again when you think both you and your child are more prepared.
It has been a long journey with my 3 year old and I have had lots of feedback from other moms that their children were completely potty trained in a week. I have been asking almost every night for 6 months if she wants to sleep without a nappy and the answer has always been no. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I tried the two hour rule, but thought it was too hard for them so, I had to find a way around it! I am not sure how other moms did this, but I let my child lead the way and it has taken a year and a half!
The first night she slept without a nappy I didn’t ask her, she told me that she is now big and is not wearing nappies anymore.

The strange thing is she usually wets the bed within an hour or two of going to bed, but makes the rest of the night and sometimes has an accident around 6am. If you monitor it and do not let them have as much you can still give them 20 minutes and go potty before bed.
Try to get them to go before putting them down or if possible extend bed time a little so they can go.
If you don’t want to jump right in to phase 3 you can start with no diapers at nap time.
Once they get the hang of it they will start to go before without extending their bed time. Then with the experience you’ve gained through nap time success and mistakes you can apply that to bedtime.

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