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This doll has actually proven to be a great help in helping Little E understand how the potty works and I can certainly recommend it if your child doesn't really 'get' the whole potty malarkey.
Nature Babycare Pull On PantsOnce Little E knew exactly what the potty was all about we decided to move her on to training nappies. Little E loved the fact that she was wearing pull up pants - I think she felt she was like everyone else.
After a couple of weeks with the training nappies Little E was comfortable with the idea of pulling them up and down herself so we have now moved on to these fabulous princess cotton pants.
The great thing about this stage is that Little E is learning when she is wet but rather than have the messy clear up that you get with knickers - these keep the wetness inside. I had heard a lot about the Carry Potty before it arrived but I was sceptical about whether it was worth the extra money vs 'normal' potties. Little E see's the carry potty as 'mine' which means she loves to show off using it and essentially boasting to  Mister A that it's hers and he can't use it. We've only used the potty once so far whilst we've been on the go but I'm pleased to say that it contained all the 'nasties' without any leaks or odours! It's meant for children but it's great for us mums too and if your little one drops thier toy or thier high chair needs a wipe - you can use it there too. I was rather sceptical about the doll being a potty training aid but as soon as it arrived Little E fell in love with it.

Little E played with the doll for a couple of weeks, giggling away every time baby did a wee on the potty. These particular pants are fab - they're 100% chlorine free, made from biodegradable materials and they're 100% GM free - so you needed worry about harsh chemicals or landfill issues. It was quite difficult for her to get used to pulling them up and down at first and we would ofter here "Stuck, Mummy, stuck!" as she attempted it by herself but eventually it got easier.
There are lots of other designs too so if you have a boy there's lots of funky designs for them too. However, as soon as it arrived Little E felt the need to parade around the house with it over her arm which was a great point in our training - I personally believe it's important for your child to have a sense of ownership of the potty and that helps them in their wanting to use it. Obviously one of the great things about this potty is that you can take it with you on your travels. We carry a couple of bottles with us at all times but generally the children are only allowed to use them in emergency cases. Best bit for us is that we don't have to use the dryers now in the loo - Mister A has really senstive ears and so most trips to the loo leave him in tears as soon as hand drying time arrives.
We've had lots of potty sitting, a couple of puddles next to the potty and we've all got clean hands but best of all - no tears yet!
Kids will love playing with their BABY born doll who performs true-to-life functions like using a potty!

The doll can be given water through the bottle, he gurgles as he drinks and then a few moments later you remove his nappy, sit him on the potty and he does a 'wee-wee'. By the time we were ready to get the potty out and give it a go Little E knew exactly what she needed to do.
At first Little E wore them as a nappy and I'm happy to say that they kept everything in just like a nappy - the only downside being that as you tear the pants off when changing a dirty nappy, there are no sticky sides to keep everything contained so always make sure you still have nappy bags on hand! The pants have a 3 layer system with a terry lining in the gusset and below that a waterproof lining.
Whether it's a long car journey or a trip to Grandma's house - your little one will feel comfortable knowing that she's using her special potty from home.
The doll comes with 2 nappies too, so if there's an 'accident' and baby doesn't make the potty you can dry one nappy and use one to play. Luckily we were sent a couple of nottles of this and we have been using this lovely citrus hand foam for a few weeks now.
Oh and for those of you that are worrying that this is a boy doll - there are no offensive protrusions for your children to pick up on and start asking awkward questions!

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